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Smart Multifunctional Eye Wash, EWM-102

  1. Water capacity: 70L
  2. Multi-function
  3. It is heatable

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1 Removable: smaller in size, easy to be removed, installation-free
2 Heatable: can be used in low temperature environment
3. Multi-function: flushing face and eyes when emergency happens, washing hands and body also available.


1. On adding water: add water until the level where is 10cm below the barrel mouth.
2. Switch on the battery pack, and the touch-scree flashes, plug in the 220v power and charge for 1-3 hours, set the required water temperature ( usually 30-35°C), and unplug the 220v power supply when charging is finished
3. When washing the eyes, press the power button on the controning-panel, take out the eye wash unit, then press the switch-button until water spraying out, when washing hands and face, press the power button on the controning – panel, lift the handle, and the water will spray out
4. Be sure to switch off the battery pack when washing is done. The battery pack is required to be charged regularly. Battery power shall not be exhausted, otherwise the battery life will be severely shortened.
5. The water stored in the tank needs to be replaced regularly, and the replacement period is 7 days


Nominal voltage 220 vvoltage: 220 v
Nominal frequency 50 hzfrequency:50 hz
Water capacity 70L
Grade of waterproof IPX4
Barrel size Diameter 40 cm, height 92.5 cm


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