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Standard Mice IVC Cage System

  • Ventilation times in cage:≥40times/h;
  • Air velocity in animal living area in cage:≤0.15m/s;
  • Air cleanliness in cage: Grade 5;
  • Noise in the cage:≤60dB;

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  1. Ventilation times in cage:≥40times/h;
  2. Air velocity in animal living area in cage:≤0.15m/s;
  3. Differential pressure inside and outside the cage:Positive pressure type is not less than 10Pa, negative pressure type is not more than -10Pa
  4. Air cleanliness in cage: Grade 5;
  5. Noise in the cage:≤60dB;
  6. Power requirements:AC 220V,50HZ,350W;


1. Parameters and Dimensions of Standard Mice IVC Cage

Cage name Standard Mice IVC Cage
Cage order number BCR-MI03-PPSU
Overall dimensions of cage

( W×D×H )mm

188×398×202mm(Includes drinking bottle and label slot)

183×392×180mm(Not contain drinking water bottle and label slots)

Cage material PPSU material
Cage bottom height 130mm
Life window size The maximum diameter is 129.3mm and the area is 131.3cm²
Cage bottom area Length:334.7mm, width :142.8mm, area: 478cm²
Grid type Full mesh metal grid, material: 304 stainless steel, overall electropolishing treatment,shelf round steel diameter: ≥ 3mm, other round steel diameter :≥ 2mm, minimum gap of the grid : ≤ 7mm
Drinking bottle External drinking bottle, volume:250ml
Inlet and exhaust port structure Non-intrusive structure, there is a set of partitions between the air inlet and the air outlet, and the air inlet and outlet are automatically closed after the cage is separated from the cage.
Bottle mouth valve Metal bottle mouth valve; After the drinking bottle is separated, it closes automatically.
Buckle Metal buckle, maintenance free, easy to use.
Drinking bottle guide It has a drinking bottle guide, which is more convenient and simple to replace the drinking bottle.

2.   Parameters and dimensions of IVC Main Machine

Type of Main Machine


Intelligent IVC Main Machine Type A Standard IVC Main Machine Type A Universal IVC Main Machine Type A
Model of Main Machine BCR-MI-GZ BCR-MI-DZ BCR-MI-JZ
Type of fan AC fan AC fan DC fan
Speed regulation mode Voltage and speed regulating board Voltage and speed regulating board The fan has its own speed control function
UPS built-in

(work for 8 hours without power)


(External UPS can be selected)


(External UPS can be selected)

Communication Interface RS485 communication Interface RS485

communication Interface


communication Interface

Main machine size

(Excluding air supply duct and bottom framework)

(width × depth × height)mm



(width × depth × height)mm



(width × depth × height)mm



Enclosure type Blister front cover + carbon steel spray side cover Blister front cover + carbon steel spray side cover 304 Encloser


3. Parameters and dimensions of Standard Mice IVC Cage System

Note: There are differences in the size of each main machine, the installation dimensions are unified to the largest size, and the material of the cage box corresponding to the order number is PPSU.


Name Number of cages Number of cages Style of cage shelf Overall dimensions of cage shelf(W×D×H)mm Number of cage shelves Installation overall dimensions(Width × depth × height)mm

(Including main  machine and cage)

BCR-MI03-64-C11-PPSU 8 layers×8 columns 64 One side 1592×500×1984 1 2049×680×1984
BCR-MI03-64-C12-PPSU 128 One side 2 3634×680×1984
BCR-MI03-72-C11-PPSU 8 layers×9 columns 72 One side 1786×500×1984 1 2243×680×1984
BCR-MI03-72-C12-PPSU 144 One side 2 4022×680×1984
BCR-MI03-128-C11-PPSU 8 layers×8 columns 128 Double-side 1592×721×1994 1 2069×1030×1994
BCR-MI03-128-C12-PPSU 256 Double-side 2 3674×1030×1994
BCR-MI03-144-C11-PPSU 8 layers×9 columns 144 Double-side 1786×721×1994 1 2263×1030×1994
BCR-MI03-144-C12-PPSU 288 Double-side 2 4062×1030×1994



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