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Standard Mice IVC Cage, BCR-MI03-PPSU/BCR-MI03-PSU

  • Cage material: PPSU material/PSU material
  • Cage bottom height: 130mm
  • Life window size:  131.3cm²
  • Cage bottom area: Length:334.7mm, width :142.8mm, area: 478cm²

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1.The cage is made of high-quality PSU / PPSU raw materials (not recycled materials), with good impact resistance, abrasion resistance, high strength, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, easy disinfection, high temperature resistance and high-pressure sterilization. It can still maintain good strength and transparency after high-temperature sterilization at 134 ℃;
2. The design of non-contact air supply and exhaust structure is simple to reduce the failure rate, and the non-contact between the air inlet and the cage reduces the possibility of cross infection;

Standard Mice IVC Cage

3. All metal grille design, simple design structure and reduced failure rate;
4. Strict isolation and sealing. Flexible medical silica gel sealing ring is used to ensure the tightness of the cage, realize the strict isolation between the cage and the outside world, and truly realize the dual use of positive and negative pressure;
5. The stainless steel buckle design eliminates the damage of the cage buckle. Opening / closing the cage is simple and easy to operate, saving the time for replacing the cage, providing efficiency and simple operation;

Standard Mice IVC Cage 1 Standard Mice IVC Cage 2Standard Mice IVC Cage 1 rotated
6. Super large life window design, equipped with life window rubber strip, which can provide more air intake for animals while enhancing sealing, ensure life safety, easy replacement and easy operation. The patented sealing mode ensures the isolation between the cage and the outside world, and the air intake area is 3 times that of the traditional cage;
7. The cage stacking space is smaller, and the optimized cage structure design realizes that the height of the cage after stacking is only 58mm, which makes sterilization more economical and saves sterilization costs;
8. The cage has high transparency and good visibility, the water bottle and the stainless steel frame are small in size, and the animal activity space is large;
9. Each cage is equipped with a card slot, which is convenient for the identification and management of different mouse strains. It has a hook and can be detached, which is convenient for disinfection and replacement;
10.There is a high temperature and high pressure sealing gasket between the lid and the bottom of the cage. After the lid and the bottom of the cage are closed, they are locked by a buckle to ensure that the cage is sealed and leak-free;
11.There is a life window on the top of the cage, which can avoid power failure and short-term suffocation of animals;
12.The external water bottle is made of high-quality raw materials. The bottle cap and mouth of the drinking water bottle are made of 304 stainless steel. The length of the drinking water pipe is 6cm, the diameter of the water outlet hole is 2mm, the opening is smooth, and the volume of the water bottle is 250ml. The water bottle inlet of the cage cover is equipped with a stainless steel spring valve, which can maintain a good sealing state when the water bottle is pulled away;
13.The top of the cage provides independent air supply and ventilation so that animals will not be directly affected by the wind, which can avoid the discomfort of the animals due to the direct wind;
14.Large arc transition at the bottom of the cage, and there is no dead angle in air circulation;
15.Self-closing air supply and exhaust channels; When the cage box is removed from the cage shelf, its tightness is always maintained;



1. Cage Configuration

Serial Number Component Name Brand Technical Description
1 Standard Mice IVC Cage Bioevopeak Resistant to high temperature sterilization, conventionally supplied PSU material, optional PPSU material

2. Parameters and Dimensions of Standard Mice IVC Cage

Cage name Standard Mice IVC Cage
Cage order number BCR-MI03-PPSU/BCR-MI03-PSU
Overall dimensions of cage
( W×D×H )mm
188×398×202mm(Includes drinking bottle and label slot)

183×392×180mm(Not contain drinking water bottle and label slots)

Cage material PPSU material/PSU material
Cage bottom height 130mm
Life window size The maximum diameter is 129.3mm and the area is 131.3cm²
Cage bottom area Length:334.7mm, width :142.8mm, area: 478cm²
Grid type Full mesh metal grid, material: 304 stainless steel, overall electropolishing treatment,shelf round steel diameter: ≥ 3mm, other round steel diameter :≥ 2mm, minimum gap of the grid : ≤ 7mm
Drinking bottle External drinking bottle, volume:250ml
Inlet and exhaust port structure Non-intrusive structure, there is a set of partitions between the air inlet and the air outlet, and the air inlet and outlet are automatically closed after the cage is separated from the cage.
Bottle mouth valve Metal bottle mouth valve; After the drinking bottle is separated, it closes automatically.
Buckle Metal buckle, maintenance free, easy to use.
Drinking bottle guide It has a drinking bottle guide, which is more convenient and simple to replace the drinking bottle.


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