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Sulfur and Chlorine Analyzer, SCA-3000

Adopts international popular circuits and imported components
Adopt imported high-quality heating furnace wire
With delayed cooling and gas cut-off alarm function

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The instrument adopts the principle of dynamic micro-coulomb method: the sample to be tested is burned in the pyrolysis tube to undergo a redox reaction, which is brought into the titration cell by the carrier gas and converted into titratable ions, and reacts with the electrogenerated I3- or Ag+ .
By measuring the amount of I3- or Ag+ consumed during electrolytic titration, the total sulfur or total chlorine content of the sample can be obtained according to Faraday’s law.

It is used in the analysis of total organic sulfur or total chlorine content of samples in petroleum, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, health, environmental protection, coal, geology, metallurgy, commodity inspection, quality inspection, schools and other fields of production, scientific research, and monitoring.

The computer controls the whole process of analysis and data processing, and displays the working status of the whole process. Parameters and results can be saved or printed as required.
The software can save 5000 sample data, and can realize historical data query and graphic playback, which is convenient for comparison and analysis.
The instrument adopts international popular circuits and imported components, which reduces the noise of the instrument and improves the detection sensitivity.
The analysis speed is fast, and it only takes 3-4 minutes to analyze a sample.
The upgraded instrument reduces the dependence on water quality and other analysis conditions, the conversion rate of standard samples can easily reach 90% ~110%, and the deviation of standard sample back standard is not more than 5%.
Adopt imported high-quality heating furnace wire, the cracking furnace has a longer service life.
The data processing software has the function of automatic cut-off of over-temperature protection. When the temperature exceeds the set upper limit, the software will automatically power off to protect the electric furnace wire and combustion tube.
With delayed cooling function; The cooling time of the wind can be set, and the power will be automatically turned off at that time after the analysis is completed.
With the function of gas cut-off alarm to prevent the cracking tube from being polluted by reverse suction.
The special high-performance spiral combustion tube has a fast sample injection speed (Max. 1μl/s) and is not easy to coke, which is beneficial to improve the accuracy of the analysis results and the analysis of trace samples.
Unique design of chlorine titration cell, using all-silver rod electrode, no need to prepare in advance.
Open LIMIS database management mode, which is convenient for database retrieval management.


Model SCA-3000
Measuring range Sulfur: 0.1mg/kg~10000mg/kg~%
Chlorine: 0.2mg/kg~10000mg/kg~%
Measurable sample Solid, liquid, gas (Optional corresponding sampler)
Temp. control range RT~1000℃
Temp. control accuracy ±1℃
Repeatability error X<1.0mg/kg,Cv≤15%
1.0mg/L≤X≤10 mg/kg,Cv≤10%
X>10 mg/kg,Cv≤5%


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