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TB Microscopy Scanner, TM-1001A

  • Automatic photo analysis of 300 fields of view
  • Support fast scan and fine scan two modes
  • Support local storage of image data, query, printing
  • Support 6 samples

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Microscanner is an all-in-one software and hardware machine that integrates electronic scanning, intelligent auxiliary analysis, result printing and historical viewing. This is a device for placing slides.For tuberculosis membrane samples, two samples can be placed on one slide at a time. But for Grams, only one sample can be placed at a time. The main reason is that only one sample can be placed in the previous step of staining, otherwise cross-contamination will occur.

  • The machine is small and beautiful, and the internal structure is precise
  • Automatic photo analysis of 300 fields of view (the number of fields of view is adjustable, the default is 300)
  • Support fast scan and fine scan two modes
  • Support local storage of image data, query, printing


Intended Usage
Medical Equipment Classification 22-07-03. Intended Use:Scan TB sample slides, analysis Mycobacterium Tuberculosis quantity, provide aided data for further diagnose.
System and Optical Configuration
Scan System size 660mm*460mm*540mm Support 6 samples
Optical microscopy
Olympus BX43/BRBIO customized microscopy 100X oil Lens, NA≥1.25
LED lights, over 20K hours life time 1600*1100 1.1” global shutter camera,Frame rate≥90f/s; Support upgradation to 1920*1080/3200*2200 resolution cameras
Camera support enhanced graphics capability like Hue, Sharpness, contrast adjust Support sample camera with 1920*1080 resolution
Hardware Configuration
Scanner platform XY drivers support resolution of 5um,Z auto focus support 0.25um resolution. Automatic emersion oil injection, slide sample management
6 samples container Support Acid-fast or Fluo sample slide according to configuration
Own core techs for core component, enables fast response for after sales support/services
Software configuration
One click for scan. SW can pause/stop the scan process Support 3 different scan mode:
1, small area fast scan; 2, large area S route scan; 3,large area spiral scan;
Large area scan support auto focus for each view. For each different scan mode, 300/600/900 view can be set
For fast-acid sample slide, 300 view setting, scan can be finished within 160s, for fluo sample slide, 50 view setting, scan can be finished within 100s. Software support result manual verification during scan to shorten reporting time; scanner support history scan review, statics, etc.
AI algorithm determine Positive or Negative result of images, software can mark the TBs; Negative result is free of verification Support reports with graph
Support auto sample positioning of sample slide, Images format: JPEG or BMP
Dimension (L*W*H) (Height is not including microscope head) & Weight
520*470*400mm ≤50kg


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