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Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor, USCG-2000T

  1. With 7-inch large screen touch control mode
  2. Integrated display of operation interface
  3. Reliable performance,simple operation
  4. Simple and beautiful appearance

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Ultrasonic processor is one of the commonly used equipment for sample pretreatment in the laboratory. It is widely used in nano industry, chemical industry, optics, jewelry, aerospace, hardware, automobile manufacturing and other fields. It is mainly applied to the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, the fragmentation of cells, bacteria and virus tissues, and the acceleration of dissolution and chemical reactions, such as chemical synthesis

Automatic resonance point and power control, without frequent manual energy adjustment
99-hour process control timer to control the total working time: from 1 second to 99 hours, suspend the current running task in real time.
The working time is displayed in cumulative state, and the operation interface adopts 7-inch color touch screen.
On / off pulse timer: on and off cycles can be set from 1 second to 99 hours.
Automatic amplitude compensation: ensure that the probe amplitude does not change due to the change of load during the ultrasonic process.
Overload protection: The device self-checks, and the timer is suspended.


Model USCG-2000T
Electricity 220V/50Hz  2000W
Nominal frequency 20KHz
Capacity 10ml-3000ml
Timer 1 second – 99 hours, 99 minutes, 59 seconds adjustable
Data storage Store 10 sets of operation data (can be switched arbitrarily)
Power regulation 1%–100%, 1% progressive
Operation mode Pulse,Time,Continuous
Liquid crystal display Color touch screen,resolution:800*480
Dimension 370*265*225
Piezoelectric frequency conversion energy converter CV33,PZT lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramics
Standard configuration amplifying bar Head diameter (random amplifying bar):Φ25mm
Total length:132mm


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