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Vibrating Microtome, VMT-400

  1. Section Thickness Setting Range: 10μm~2cm
  2. Slicing Speed: 0-1.3mm/s (stepless speed control)
  3. Vibration Amplitude: 0-1 mm (adjustable)
  4. Minimum of Slicing Thickness: 1μm

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Vibrating Microtome avoids the crystallization-caused damage to tissue samples and maximally preserves the bioactivity and morphology of cells; thus, it is an ideal tool for the immune cyto chemical research and the neurobiology of the spinal cord and brain slice. VMT-400 Vibratome is one of the best quick sample-slicing machines used in the field of modern electron microscopy, anatomy, embryology, physiology, biology, and scientific research.
This instrument can achieve slicing with a minimum thickness of 10μm for fixed tissues such as fixed brain and spinal cord, and 30μm of fresh tissue (brain, heart, and kidney, etc.). Using this instrument, the user can obtain intact and smooth slices for even staining.


Model VMT-400
Slicing Speed 0-1.3mm/s (step less speed control)
Vibration Amplitude 0-1 mm (adjustable)
Range of the Height Adjustment of the Specimen Platform 20 mm
Fine Adjustment of Slicing Thickness 1μm (minimum)
Section Thickness Setting Range 10μm~2cm
Angle of the Blade Position 15° (using the razor blades made in China)
Working Voltage AC220V±10%50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10%60Hz
Total Power 25W
Dimensions 370×225×290mm (W×D×H)
Net weight 13kg

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