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Visible Spectrophotometer, SP-IV721P

  • Large sample chamber
  • Imported tungsten lamp
  • Digital display measurement indicator

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The instrument can be widely used in medicine and health, clinical inspection, biochemistry, petrochemical industry, environmental protection, quality control, judicial criminal investigation, inspection, quarantine, forestry, geological exploration, food detection and other industries, is one of the analytical instruments reused in physical and chemical laboratories.


  • Digital display measurement indicator.
  • Automatic zero and 100 adjustment.
  • The large sample chamber can accommodate 5-100mm cuvettes.
  • Optional output port RS232, can realize the function of connection printer and connected to the computer.
  • Using imported tungsten lamp, ensure the service life of the instrument.
  • Instrument adopts advanced microcomputer processing technology, simple operation.
  • Automatic light door, ensure the service life of the photoelectric sensor, instrument test is more simple.


Model SP-IV721P
Optical system Achromatic (1200 /mm grating)
Wavelength coverage 350-1020nm
Wavelength accuracy ±2nm
Spectral bandwidth 6nm
Wavelength repeatability ≤1nm
Transmittance accuracy ±1%T
Stability ±0.004A/[email protected]
Drift ≤0.2%T
Sound emission ≤0.3%T
Operation mode T,A,C
Zero mode Automatic
Output mode No
Light source Tungsten lamp
Print interface Select to breed
Photometric range 0-200%T, -3-3A, 0-9999C
Weight 8kg
Package size 520*450*320 mm


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