Laboratory equipment
Medical Lab Equipment
Other laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment

Autoclave, Class B, Benchtop Type, STB-B45Z
Autoclave, STB-B45Z

Class B, Benchtop Type
Chamber volume: 45L

Low Speed Centrifuge CFG 5BL
Centrifuge, CFG-5BL

Max. Speed: 6000rpm
Max.Capacity: 4×500mL

Fluorescence Microscope MSC F107T.
Microscope, MSC-F107T

Fluorescence Microscope
Eyepiece: WF10×18mm

Forced Air Drying Oven DOF 45E
Forced Air Drying Oven, DOF-45E

Volume: 45L
Temp. Range: RT+10-300℃

Single Door Blood Refrigerator, BR4-11098
Blood Refrigerator, BR4-110

Temperature range(℃): 4±1℃

2~8℃ Single Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, PR5-10099
Pharm Refrigerator, PR5-100

Temperature range(℃):2~8℃

Medical laboratory equipment

Medical laboratory equipment

PCR-Q32-4F real time pcr system
Real time PCR system,PCR-Q32-4F

Sample Capacity: 32×0.2ml
Fluorescent channels:4

PCR-Q96-5 real time pcr system
Real time PCR system, PCR-Q96-5

Sample capacity: 96 holes
Fluorescent channels: 5

MPR-H200B elisa reader
Microplate Reader, MPR-H200B

Microplate types: 96/48 well plate
10.4”color LED display

Other laboratory equipment

Other laboratory equipment

LYOL-7S freeze dryer
Pilot freeze dryer, LYOL-7S

Final condenser temp: -80℃
Freeze drying area: 0.36m2

Grating Spectrophotometer SP CLR760 1
Spectrophotometer, SP-CLR760

Grating Spectrophotometer
Flat Grating, 400~700nm

Moisture Analyzer, MCA110-10

Readability: 0.01g
Max. Capacity: 110g

Haze Meter, HM-1200(8)
Haze Meter, HM-1200

Dynamic measurement
With compensation port