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Aerosol Adsorption Air Purifier, STV900, STV-900P

  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Disinfection with man-machine coexistence
  • Multiple installation methods
  • High-efficiency adsorption circulating purification

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This equipment is an efficient and safe disinfection and purification instrument that uses multi-stage air purification and filtration devices, high-intensity ultraviolet rays, high-precision air quality sensors, and low-pressure silent circulating fans to perform multi-level and all-round disinfection and purification of the target area.


  • High-efficiency adsorption&Circulating purification

Multiple filtration enables efficient adsorption of 0.5pm particles, achieving high-efficiency purification level.

  • Deep ultraviolet radiation

High-intensity ultraviolet light tubes which can kill more than 90% of bacteria and viruses in air and attached to the high-efficiency filter effectively.

  • Indoor air circulation

Double fans enable strong adsorption. By drawing the air in downwards and pushes out upwards, indoor air circulation is formed for continuous air purification.

  • Air pollution monitoring

Real-time monitoring of environmental indicators, air pollution and equipment operating status provides timely solutions according to real demands.

  • Intelligent terminal control

Two control modes: regular and wireless remote control.

  • Disinfection with man-machine coexistence

No pollution, no chemical residues, no damage to the equipment; can realize effective sterilization with people around.

  • Multiple installation methods

The machine has three installation methods: mobile, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted for different needs.


Model STV900 STV-900P
Fan parameter Type Mobile, wall-mounted, ceiling
Circulating air volume(m3/M) 500/700/ 900 (three levels to choose)
Function space ≤100m3
Specification Dimension (L*W*H) 630*195*1340mm
Net weight ≤30kg


Rated power ≤200W
Electricity AC 220±22V, 50/60Hz


Disinfection factor High-intensity UV
Purification device Primary filter+V-type high efficiency filter H13 Primary filter、Activated carbon filter、V-type high efficiency filter H13、Photocatalytic sheet
UV leakage volume outside ≤5um/cm2
UV radiation intensity inside ≥250 μm/cm2
Ozone leakage volume ≤0.1 mg/m3/h
Dust removal rate 100% (particle of 0.5μm)
Sterilization rate ≥99.9%
Sound emission ≤ 60dB
Applicable environment Working environment Temperature 5℃~40℃; Humidity≤75%
Atmospheric pressure 75kPa-106kPa

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