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The life sciences industry is expanding rapidly, with new innovations and breakthroughs being made every day. As the industry evolves and in the wake of Covid-19, there has been remarkable growth in genomic surveillance, breakthroughs in gene editing, and increased testing in healthcare, to name just a few examples. At the same time, we are seeing the evolution of Lab [...]

2023-07-17T14:09:01+08:00July 17th, 2023|Industry News|

Gene therapy restores hearing in mice for the first time

American scientists wrote in the latest issue of "Molecular Therapy" that they recently developed a mature mouse model and used gene therapy for the first time to restore the hearing of an aged animal model. The latest method is expected to be applied to humans. By 2050, one in 10 people is expected to suffer from some form of hearing [...]

2023-06-26T10:18:34+08:00June 26th, 2023|Industry News|

Why Did the Mpox Epidemic Wane? Possible Theories

Did the recent mpox (formerly known as monkeypox) outbreak end because of “network immunity?” That’s the theory being put forward by Belgian researchers at this year’s European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) in Copenhagen, Denmark. The year of 2022 saw a global outbreak of mpox, a viral infection that had not previously been documented as having [...]

2023-04-18T17:22:49+08:00April 18th, 2023|Industry News|

Why does water quality matter in clinical Labs?

Fahad Mahmood, MEng. He has previous experience as a proposal engineer in process water in pharmaceutical and industrial applications. He has also managed projects in water purification in health care and scientific applications. Fahad earned his master’s degree from the University of Manchester. Q: WHY DOES WATER QUALITY MATTER IN CLINICAL LABS? WHAT ISSUES MAY ARISE FROM USING INSUFFICIENTLY [...]

2023-04-10T18:11:57+08:00April 10th, 2023|Industry News|

COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance Increased Globally in 2022

NEW YORK, NY — Global willingness to accept a COVID-19 vaccine increased from 75.2 percent in 2021 to 79.1 percent in 2022, according to a new survey of 23 countries that represent more than 60 percent of the world’s population, published today in Nature Medicine. Vaccine acceptance decreased in eight countries however, and nearly one in eight vaccinated respondents were hesitant about receiving [...]

2023-01-12T18:14:38+08:00January 12th, 2023|Industry News|

Simple Nasal Swab Can Provide Early Warning of Emerging Viruses

A new study finds that testing for a single immune system molecule on nasal swabs can help detect stealthy viruses As the COVID-19 pandemic showed, potentially dangerous new viruses can begin to spread in the population well before the global public health surveillance system can detect them. However, Yale researchers have found that testing for the presence of a [...]

2023-01-11T16:32:33+08:00January 11th, 2023|Industry News|

Blood Pressure Disorder in Pregnancy Linked to Heightened Risk of Death

Findings show increased mortality risks in offspring from birth to young adulthood A disorder that can trigger abnormally high blood pressure in pregnancy is associated with increased risks of death in offspring from birth to young adulthood, finds a study published by The BMJ. The findings, based on data from over two million individuals in Denmark, show increased risks of [...]

2022-10-21T18:01:55+08:00October 21st, 2022|Industry News|

Can You Diagnose a Bloodstream Infection in 2.5 Hours?

Rapid, sensitive sepsis diagnosis can now be performed with biphasic amplification in a dried blood matrix Bloodstream infections (BSIs) and sepsis result in high morbidity and mortality, particularly in critically ill patients and neonates. Patient outcomes can be significantly improved by administering antibiotics within three hours of initial symptoms, but current diagnostic methods take much longer to diagnose BSIs/sepsis. [...]

2022-10-20T18:11:33+08:00October 20th, 2022|Industry News|

Knowledge Popular Science of Rotary Evaporator

Rotary evaporator, also known as rotary evaporator, is mainly a common laboratory equipment composed of motors, distillation bottles, heating pots, condenser tubes and other parts. The development history of rotary evaporator 1. Wool condenser Ancient Greek sailors noticed fog condensation droplets on the sails, and sailors placed wool over heated jars to obtain fresh water, which was later known as [...]

2022-07-25T16:59:32+08:00July 25th, 2022|Industry News|

Recent Developments in COVID-19 Research

Since SARS-CoV-2 first appeared in December 2019, scientists around the world have been racing to find out more about the novel coronavirus. While the virus has claimed almost four million lives, new developments in COVID-19 research have offered hope to pandemic-stricken countries around the world. Below, we spotlight some of the most exciting new developments and answer some key questions [...]

2021-08-06T15:29:44+08:00August 6th, 2021|Industry News|


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