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Alveograph, ALVE-250E

  • Measurement range: Wheat flour
  • Sample volume: 250g
  • Stirrer speed:60±2rpm
  • Bubble airflow velocity:96±2L/h

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It is one of the special testing instruments for testing the rheological properties of dough. It is mainly used for the quality evaluation of wheat and flour in wheat breeding, wheat processing and distribution, especially for the evaluation of low-gluten flour.


  • High test accuracy and good repeatability

Adopts electronic detection technology to detect the change of tension in the process of dough blowing, with high test accuracy, good repeatability and reproducibility.

  • High detection efficiency & convenient test

Adopt electronic data acquisition method and USB data communication to achieve fast and accurate reading, convenient testing, high testing efficiency.

  • Special data processing software

Using special data processing software, the software interface is fashionable, simple and intuitive.

  • Traceable data results

Automatically analyze data and print test results, with traceability of data results.

  • Good temperature control effect

The temperature control system of the instrument adopts PLC control, and the temperature control effect is good.


Model ALVE-250E
Measurement range Wheat flour
Sample volume 250g
Stirrer speed 60±2rpm
Bubble airflow velocity(L/h) 96±2
Operating temperature of dough mixer(℃) 24±0.2
Fermenting Box operating temperature(℃) 25±0.2
Detection index P value, L value, W value, G value, P/L value
Sound emission(dBA) ≤60
Electricity AC220V±10V  50/60Hz
Weight(kg) 75kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 850*500*290mm


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