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Autoclave, Class N ,Vertical Type, STV-I Series

  1. Bolted digital display automatic control
  2. Chamber volume: 35L, 50L, 75L, 100L,120L, 150L
  3. Working temperature: 50~134ºC
  4. Working pressure: 0.22 Mpa
  5. Automatic protection function

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  • Bolt structure
  • High quality stainless steel material
  • Microcomputer automatic control, arbitrary set of sterilization parameters
  • Safety interlocking device
  • Digital display and touch buttons
  • Standard test interface
  • Self-expanding seal
  • The container with automatic protection function: over temperature protection; over pressure protection self discharge; low water level protection, anti dry burning
  • With stainless steel bucket or basket
  • Buzzer reminder after sterilization, automatic stop.
  • Automatic cooling air,sterilization end automatic exhaust steam
STV-I Series door
  • Bolt structure
  • Safety interlocking device
  • Self-expanding seal
  • Digital display and touch buttons
  • Microcomputer automatic control, arbitrary set of sterilization parameters



Model STV-30I STV-50I STV-75I STV-100I STV-120II STV-150II
Volume 35L 50L 75L 100L 120L 150L
Power 3.5kW 3.5kW 4.5kW 4.5kW 4.5kW 6.0KW
Voltage AC 220V、50HZ
Rated working pressure 0.22 Mpa
Rated working temperature 134℃
Sterilization temperature 50℃~134℃
Temp accuracy ±1℃
Sterilization time setting range 4~120 min
Chamber volume Ø300×500 Ø350×525 Ø400×625 Ø450×650 Ø450×760 Ø500×780
Bucket dimension Ø280×400 Ø330×480 Ø380×560 Ø420×540 Ø420×660 Ø470×720
Basket dimension(optional) Not optional Ø320×240×2 Ø360×280×2 Ø410×300×2 Ø410×350×2 Ø460×350×2
Outer dimension 400×400×860 480×480×960 525×567×1020 555×555×1080 555×599×1200 605×649×1210
Packing size
(L× W× H )mm
550×500×1030 580×630×1100 630×680×1190 690×650×1230 690×650×1330 750×700×1370
Gross/net weight 58/41KG 75/53KG 82/61KG 103/78KG 108/82KG 116/90KG



STV-I Series Accessories


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