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Automatic Bullet Ice Maker, IM-BT120

  • Capacity(Kg/24h):120
  • Condensing mode: Air cooling
  • Water of influent: Automatic water tap
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Widely used: restaurant hotels, nightclubs and bars KTV, and other places.

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Schools, hospitals, research institutes, enterprises and other types of bio-chemical laboratories, hotels, etc.


1. Widely used: restaurant hotels, nightclubs and bars KTV, and other places.
2. Crystal clear ice, high hardness high temperature low contact surface large, better use.
3. Beautiful and elegant shape, all stainless steel design, durable hygiene, surface is not easy to stick to oil, easy to clean.
4. Strict manufacturing process, original imported spare parts, lower failure rate, longer service life.
5. Control system using advanced micro-computer full intelligence control, ice machine into the water ice, ice-filled automatic ice-making work process, automatic inspection without the need for special operation, safer to use.
6. The machine has an indication of operation, water shortage, ice full, fault indicates. In the event of water shortage, ice full, and malfunctioning conditions, it will automatically stop working. More securely and with confidence.
7. Adopt the advanced energy-saving design, high efficiency and stability, ice-making, ice removal faster, save time and water more power-saving, than similar products save one-third of electricity.
8. The freezer uses the advanced technology, the energy consumption of high-efficiency insulation is lower, the ice storage space uses food-grade standard PP material, ice consumption more assured!
9. Condensation system and temperature system more scientific configuration, can adapt to a variety of ambient temperature.
10. Long-term ice-making performance testing and monitoring before the factory, to ensure excellent product performance.
11. has been exported to foreign countries and regions, excellent quality to obtain customers at home and abroad alike.
12. Over the years to become a college, research institutes, pharmaceutical and chemical, gold mining, food processing, oil exploration, health care and other industry units of the good choice of high-quality cooperative manufacturers.
13. About the detailed specifications of the machine specifications, size weight, machine appearance pictures, machine operation and use methods, welcome to contact us at any time.


Model IM-BT120
Input Power
Condensing mode Air cooling
Water of influent Automatic water tap
Refrigerant R290

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