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Automatic Calorimeter, ACM-6

  • Automatic water injection and drainage
  • Unique cooling correction system and water circulation system
  • Adopt serial communication technology

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It is widely used in coal, coke, coal gangue, raw brick, petroleum and other solid and liquid fuels in coal, metallurgy, petrochemical, quality inspection, environmental protection, steel, food, electric power, feed, papermaking, chemical industry, cement, brick making and other industries.


  1. Controlled by computer, it can provide reports of coal quality, with functions such as data modification, tabulation, and management. Human-computer interaction, that is, learning is learning.
  2. Automatic water injection and drainage, no need to adjust the water temperature, just put the oxygen bomb into the cylinder, and the instrument will automatically complete all the measurement and testing work.
  3. The whole process prompts, reasonable structure, well-made, reliable performance and low failure rate.
  4. The structure is accurate, and the unique cooling correction system is adopted to ensure the long-term stable performance of the instrument.
  5. Unique water circulation system, external debris will not have any impact on the circulating water pump.
  6. The calorimeter adopts serial communication technology, with low failure rate and loose use environment requirements.


Model ACM-6
Heat capacity About 10500J/K
External water tank capacity About 30L
Inner water tank capacity About 2.3L
Precision ≤0.1%
Measuring range 5-40℃
Resolution 0.0001℃
Quantitative error ≤±1g
Test time ≤15min
Ignition voltage 24V
Ignition time 3-5 seconds
Calorific test accuracy Better than 0.2% (benzoic acid)
Temperature measurement range 0℃-65℃
Electricity AC 220V±10%50Hz
Power <300W
Measurement error Better than the national standard
Package size 720*580*730 mm
Package weight 40kg; Computer: 20kg


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