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Automobile Exhaust Analyzer, With Opacimeter, AEA-H601D

  1. Adopted a triage-type sampling technique
  2. Advanced international technology, import the key components assembled.
  3. High-brightness digital display
  4. “Air curtain” technology to protect the optical system from contamination;
  5. Automatic detection of room temperature control
  6. Linear data automatic processing
  7. Auto-alarm when the gas line blocking
  8. Fault diagnosis where the unit automatically and print testing date
  9. Built-in printer (or the analog output interface or or Bluetooth/ RS232)

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  1. Integrated Structural Design
  2. Adopted a triage-type sampling technique, diesel engine acceleration, deceleration, and steady speed can be measured when the smoke
  3. Linear automatic data processing, can be displayed opacity degrees N, light absorption coefficient K and the corresponding value of filter paper-type smoke SF
  4. High-brightness digital display;
  5. Use of “air curtain” technology to protect the optical system from pollution
  6. Automatic detection of room temperature control, anti-condensation can affect the testing accuracy
  7. Automatically attached to the time display, and optional speed measurement and oil temperature measurement
  8. Show where the failure of automatic diagnosis unit;
  9. Equipped with built-in printer (or Bluetooth / RS232)
  10. In line with ISO11614 and GB3847-2018 technical requirements.


Measuring range No light transmission

N:0~100% (equivalent to smoke value 0~10FSN)

Light absorption coefficient

K:0~16.06 m

OIL TEMP: 0~150℃
Indicating error ≤±2% ( measured value)
Stability moment drift≤±1%/4H
Repeatability ≤±1%
Resolution N:0.1%
Output mode digital direct reading, gases can be attached printer name, the maximum concentration, average value, minimum value, test time, date. Can interface with computer networking
use temperature  -5~50°C,
Relative humidity ≤90%
Power AC100~240V 50/60Hz or DC12V( Add power inverter)
Power consumption 150VA
Dimension 160 (L )*400(W)*480(H)mm
Weight 8kg


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