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Blood Gas And Electrolyte Analyzer, BGA-95-4

  • Test items:pH,pCO2, pO2 ,Hct
  • Sample:whole blood, serum, plasma, dialysate, CSF
  • Analysis time:<90s
  • Sample volume: 95μL Whole blood;50μL Capillary blood

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This new designed blood gas analyzer has a convenient disposable calibrants cartridge containing flush solution, mixed gas and liquid calibrants, waste container. This new cartridge design can avoid operator biological hazards and environment pollution.


  • Intuitive touch screen

High resolution 10.4’’ touch screen

User-friendly operation interface

Parameter area provides analyzer status at a glance

Online operation and self-diagnostic tutorials

  • Infrared human-detector
  • Flexible and simple calibrants cartridge

High and low volume testing cartridge can be chose(300,200,150,100,50).

30 days available on board

Stored at room temperature

All-in-one design without extra consumables

Cartridge expiration alarm and residue information

  • Auto QC cartridge

Optional Auto QC cartridge containing 3 levels QC design

Auto H/M/L QC once per days, customer can define

30 days available on board

Stored at room temperature

All-in-one design without extra consumables

Cartridge expiration alarm and residue information

Auto-stop analysis sample once failing on QC

  • Reliable and convenient measurement unit

Capillary Sample volume only 50μL

Whole blood volume only 95μL

Multi-combination parameters

Self-made long life maintenance free electrodes

Maximum 90s result from aspiration, less than 120s from sample to sample

Long-lasting fluid system

Preheats reagents and sample

  • Easy to use

The sample adaptor is suitable for both syringe and capillary samples.

The sample probe’s wiper provides convenience, sample integrity and user safety

  • Fast data input

Easy sample and patient ID input

Convenient bar-code calibrants and Auto-QC cartridge replace

Easy bar-code consumables identification

  • Rich data management

RS-232 interface

LIS connection under HL7 protocol

Data backup with USB port

  • Compact, flexible

Size(mm) W*H*D: 400×574×344

Easy move with rolling stand

Nickel-metal hydride battery,3.0Ah

  • Test Menu

pH, pCO2 , pO2 , Hct


Measured Parameters

Analyte Measuring range Unit
Hydrogen ion activity(pH) 6.000―9.000 pH scale
Carbon dioxide 0.667―26.67 kPa
partial pressure(pCO2) 5.0―200.0 mmHg
Oxygen partial pressure(pCO2) 0―106.7







Hct 12.0―65.0




B.P. 500―800 mmHg


Derived(Calculated) Parameters:

pH(TC) pH temperature corrected
pCO2 (TC) pCO2 temperature corrected
pO2 (TC) pO2 temperature corrected
TCO2 0-50mmol/L
HCO3 0-50mmol/L
Beb -25.0-25mmol/L
Beecf -25.0-25mmol/L
SBC 0-50mmol/L
SO2% 40-100.0%
AG Anion gap
RI 0.0-70.0
AaDO2 0-700mmHg
O2SAT Oxygen Saturation
tHb(c) Hemoglobin(Calculated)
Sample Whole blood, Serum, Plasma, Dialysate, CSF
Test items pH,pCO2, pO2 ,Hct
Input parameter Patient temperature




Interface Serial Line RS-232

TCP/IP interface

USB port

Integrated Bar-code reader

Analysis time <90s
Sample volume 95μL Whole blood

50μL Capillary blood

Calibration Automatic, programmable1-point and 2-point calibration
Data storage >10000
Display  10.4” TFT touch screen
Battery Nickel-metal hydride battery 3.0Ah
Printer  Build-in Thermal printer70mm
Barcode reader  Up to 14 kinds barcode type
Instrument 400(W)*574(H)*344(D)mm3
CAL PAK 258(W)*180(H)*70(D)mm3
AUTOQC 103(W)*180(H)*70(D)mm3
Weight 18Kg
Work environment 15℃~30℃
Storage environment 5℃~40℃
Electricity 100-240V~50/60Hz


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