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Chemical Safety Cabinet, SSC-Y,R,B Series

  1. Double-walled steel structure
  2. Normative safety signage in large red lettering
  3. Unique anti-leakage board
  4. 50mm leak proof sump
  5. Two vents with integral flame arrestors
  6. Layer board supporting

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1,Double-walled steel structure with 38mm insulation for fire resistance.
2,Normative safety signage in large red lettering.
3,Unique anti-leakage board enables free up and down adjustment
4,Cabinets are epoxy painted for both inner and outer.
5,50mm leak proof sump for spills containment.
6,Two vents with integral flame arrestors
7,Three point locking enables open and close to 180°,The door with two keys for security,available for optional Master Lock to limit access to authorized personnel.
8,Welded 1.2mm thickness steel offers optimum longevity with increased heat increased heat resistance resistance
9,Usage of piano hinge enables smooth close of the door which can easily open and close to 180°
10,Layer board supporting: The multi-layer plate is convenient to adjust the height of the laminate.


Model Specification Configure
SSC-4Y External Dimension(mm):560mm×430mm×430mm Model:4 gallon Single door/ Ground wire
SSC-4R lnternal Dimension(mm):460×350×350mm Shelf:1
SSC-4B Volume:15L Weight:35kg
SSC-12Y External Dimension(mm):890×590×46Omm Model:12 gallon Single door/ Ground wire
SSC-12R lnternal Dimension(mm):790×510×360mm Shelf:1
SSC-12B Volume:45L Weight:60kg
SSC-22Y External Dimension(mm):1650×600×460mm Model:22gallon Single door/ Ground wire
SSC-22R lnternal Dimension(mrn):1550×520×360mm Shelf:3
SSC-22B Volume:83L Weight:90kg
External Dimension(mm):1120×1090×460mm Model:30gallon double door/Ground wire
lnternal Dimension(mm):1020×1010×360mm Shelf:1
Volume: 114L Weight:100kg
External Dimension(mm):1650×1090×460mm
lnternal Dimension(mm):1550×1010×360mm
Volume: 17OL
External Dimension(mm):1650×860×860mm
lnternal Dimension(mm):1550×780×760mm
SSC-45Y External Dimension(mm):1650x 1090x 460mm Model:45gallon double door/Ground wire
SSC-45R lnternal Dimension(mm):1550x 1010x 360mm Shelf:1
SSC-45B Volume:114L Weight:138KG
SSC-60Y External Dimension(mm):1650x 860 x 860mm Model:60gallon double door/ Ground wire
SSC-60R Internal Dimension(mm):1550x 780x 760mm Shelf:1
SSC-60B Volume: 207L Weight:163KG
SSC-90Y External Dimension(mm):1650×1090×860mm Mode:90gallon double door/Ground wire
SSC-90R lnternal Dimension(mm):1550×1010×760mm Shelf:2
SSC-90B Volume: 340L Weight:190KG


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