1. Based on the new class B, have 3 pulsating vacuum, vacuum up to-900 kPa (-0.09 MPa). Residual humidity is <2. Suitable to sterilizing wrap, unwrap, solid, porous, hollow device.
  2. Use imported & advanced 16-bit microprocessor, easy to operate. Most suitable for the Dept of Stomatology, Ophthalmology, Surgery and Lab.
  3. With B&D test and vacuum test procedures. To test the penetrability.
  4. Chamber punched by stainless steel (#304, thickness: 2.5mm), together with the jet type of steam generator self-cleaningensure the efficient sterilizing.
  5. With alarm systemfor waste water tank, avoid the waste water to enter into the sterilizing circulation, make the sterilizing
  6. Precise LEC/LCDdisplay and advanced self-test system ensure you get the working data freely.
  7. Double lock door systemfor safety during operating.
  8. Built-in printer,USB optional. The disinfection process data and date automatically