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Clinical Centrifuge, Low speed, CFG-4.5D

  • Max RPM/RCF: 4500 RPM/2490×g; 4000rpm/1800×g
  • Rotor capacity: 8x15mL,12x10mL; 50ml×6 or 15ml×6

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  1. Easy programmingto achieve high accuracy of speed control.
  2. Easy operation with intuitive menu and easy-to-read display.
  3. Rotor speed can be set and displayed by RPM or G-force.
  4. Maintenance-free brush-less DC motor.
  5. Quick spin function with press and hold pulse key.
  6. Lid with electric lock and automatic release functionsaves processing time.
  7. Automatic self-diagnosis on startup, showing accumulative running time and last running parameters.
  8. Braking time 2 steps adjustable.


Specification CFG-4.5D
Speed Range 300-4500rpm,
increment: 100rpm
Max RCF 2490×g
Speed Accuracy ±20rpm
Rotor Type A12-10P, A6-50P
Run Time 30sec-99min
HOLD (Continuous operation)
Motor Brush-less DC motor
Display LCD
Safety Devices Door interlock; Over-speed detector; Automatic internal diagnosis
Acceleration/Braking time A12-10P: 20s↑13s↓
A6-50P: 20s↑20 s /90 s↓
Power Single-phase,
100V-240V,50Hz/60Hz, 3A
Dimension(W×D×H) 354mm×304mm×215mm
Weight 6 kg
Advanced Features Speed/RCF switch; Short-time run function; Sound-alert function

Available rotors

CFG-4.5D rotors Cat. No.19200921

for CFG-4.5D &CFG-4D&CFG-4D-E

Max. speed: 4500rpm

Max. RCF: 2490×g

Rotor capacity: 8x15mL,12x10mL

Rotor material: High strength plastic

CFG-4.5D rotors Cat. No.19100197

For CFG-4.5D(Cat. No. 19100197)

Max. speed: 4000rpm

Max. RCF: 1800×g

Rotor capacity: 50ml×6 or 15ml×6

Rotor material: High strength plastic

Cat. No.19200921 and Cat. No.19100197 are not interchangeable.

Available tubes Tube quantity Dimension (Ф×L, mm) Maximum speed(rpm) Radius (cm) Maximum RCF (×g)
15mL con 8 17×120 4500 11 2490
1.5-5mL vacu 12 13×75 4500 9.8 2218
4-7 mL vacu 12 13×100 4500 11 2490
16×75 2218 2218
8.5-10 mL vacu 12 16×107 4500 11 2490
2.7-3 mL (EU) collection tube 12 11×66 4500 9.8 2218
7.5-8.2 mL (EU) collection tube 12 15×92 4500 11 2490

Note: Made of plastic, Cat. No.19200348 rotor cannot be autoclaved or applied with UV irradiation. Regular sterilization is recommended.

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