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CO2 Shaking Incubator, ICB-CO2-2S300

  1. Flexible placement
  2. Drop-down, load-bearing box door
  3. Double glass door

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It is mainly used for tissue and cell culture, seed germination, seedling raising and microbial culture. There are single beam or four beam, synthetic light kit. The wavelength is mainly concentrated in red light and blue violet light, which is mainly used for the culture of photosynthetic organisms.

Flexible placement
●It can be used on the ground of single layer or on the ground of double layer or three layers, and the experimental personnel can operate it easily.
● When the three sets are superimposed, the small stools are prepared for the experimenters, and they are also equipped with iron rods for the installers to manually lift the stools.
Drop-down, load-bearing box door
● After the box door is fully opened, an operation platform is automatically formed, which can pull out 100% of the clamping plate of the oscillating bottle to easily take and place the sample bottle. The shaking plate is directly pulled or pushed without a locking device. The operation is simple and fast, and the space utilization rate is greatly improved.
● The bottle splint is pulled out and pushed back along the special stainless steel guide rail, which is firm and durable.
Intuitive touch panel
It has intuitive operation, precise control and monitoring, perfect appearance, comfortable remote control function, and it is easy to clean.
Double glass door
● The toughened hollow double-layer safety glass door has good heat insulation performance.
● Adopting double capillary refrigeration system and electronic expansion valve control technology.
● Variable frequency compressor refrigeration system can be selected to save energy and reduce emission, improve the service life of the compressor, lower noise and more stable temperature control
Waterproof design of cultivation box
● Any accidental broken bottle during the cultivation process will not cause damage to the incubator. You can also thoroughly clean the box with detergent and sterilizer to ensure the best sterile environment in the box.
Viscous pallet
● The adhesive support pallet can directly fix culture flasks of various sizes on the pallet without using clamps and is easy to clean. Easy to operate and increase space utilization by 10%. The whole adhesive sheet is made of adhesive material, special interlayer material, anti-ultraviolet, not easy to deform after repeated use.
Single shaft balanced drive
● The single shaft balanced drive technology has no mechanical friction and mechanical loss, no noise, no deviation, less energy consumption and good coordination. It is suitable for long-term operation (see Figure).
Excellent control effect.
● With excellent control effect can achieve good stability and uniformity and ensure that all culture bottles are in the same superior growth environment.
Ultra high carrying capacity to optimize the “benefit ratio per unit space” of your valuable laboratory space to the greatest extent
● General support plate: 780×480 (mm), which can be mixed and placed with flask clamp, test tube rack, enzyme label plate rack and universal spring shaking plate of different sizes and specifications.
Full-function control design
● Adopt the original imported high-precision CO2 infrared sensor, shallow water pan humidification, UV sterilization system and lighting system (standard), it has adjustable ventilation holes on the side, optimized PID parameter, over temperature protection and safety cut-off function. It also has fully optimized oscillation system and balance system, parameter memory function, the audible and visual alarm system.The alarm output interface can connect the alarm. It can control the servo motor system. The bottom of the equipment is equipped with rollers for easy movement. Customers can customize non-standard temperature, oscillation speed, oscillation amplitude, humidification system and illumination system. It also has expandable light culture control optional Kit, expandable gas introduction unit and expandable shading culture unit.



Temperature control

Temperature range 4 ℃ – 60 ℃ (Ambient temperature – 15 ℃, min. 4 ℃)
Temperature uniformity ± 0.5 ℃ (at 37 ℃)
Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃
Temperature recovery time ≤±10mins
Ambient temperature range 18-34℃
Humidification mode Natural humidification



CO2 concentration control

CO2 control range 0.1-20%
CO2 control accuracy 0.1%
CO2 stability ±0.1%
CO2 accuracy ±0.3%
CO2 sensor High temperature resistance of infrared (IR) sensor
Sterilization method Ultraviolet sterilization
Concentration recovery time ≤5mins open door 30S


Speed control

Rotation frequency 30 ~ 300rpm (when three layers are stacked, the maximum speed of the top layer is 250rpm)
Rotation accuracy ±1rpm
Swing amplitude 25 or 50mm optional


Humidity control (optional active humidification)

Humidity range Ambient humidity – 95%
Humidity control accuracy 5%
Temperature regulation accuracy 1%
Door opening recovery 15min




Technical specifications

Capacity 187L
External dimensions 1200*797*640 (excluding 80mm of footing)
Internal dimensions 830*566*399H
Shaking plate dimensions 780*480(mm)
Maximum capacity 250ml 40 or 500ml 28 or 1000ml 15 or 2000ml 12
Shaking plates number 1
Heating power 800W
Refrigerating power 200W
Net weight 180Kg / single set
Maximum stacking 3








Product features

Display mode 7-inch true color touch screen
Control mode P. I.D microcomputer environment scanning microprocessor chip control
Circulation mode Forced convection
Oscillation mode Rotary oscillating
Driving mode Single shaft balancing device
Shaking plate Free pulling type
Door opening mode Lower two sets: pull-down type, top layer: turn up type
Printing function Embedded built-in micro printer
Interface USB data storage output
HEPA filter The incoming gas is sterilized by 0.2um online filter
Lighting lamp 8W
Ultraviolet lamp 8W
Motor High quality servo motor
Bearing NSK original imported double row bearings
Shaft material 45# carbon steel, 220-250HBW quenching and tempering treatment
Lumen material 304 high-quality imported stainless steel plated plate
Main materials High-quality and high-strength QT cast iron, channel steel, angle steel, high-quality cold-rolled steel plate
Bottle splint material High quality aluminum plate, aluminum oxide surface treatment
Bottle clamp material Made of stainless steel mirror material, the elasticity of the material is 360 degrees, the hardness is 420 degrees, and it is not easy to deform

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