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Corpse Refrigerator,MCFR-3000(3 corpses)

  1. T(℃, GB): 3±2℃
  2. T(℃, Set): 1~5℃
  3. T(℃, Lowest): -18℃/-30℃
  4. Number of compressor: 3
  5. Power of compressor: 1050W
  6. Size of corpse tray: 1900×570×395(L×W×H)

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Key Features
High precision computer temperature control system, accurate and stable operation
Installation of universal casters on the box
The insulation layer adopts integral foaming technology, with stronger insulation
Refrigeration system
Famous brand compressor,environmentally friendly refrigerant

Audible buzzer alarm and light flashing alarm
Built in lithium battery, it can continuously display the temperature and keep sound and light alarm function in the box for 72 hours after power failure
Keyboard lock
POST delay start, shutdown interval protection function

It is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant
Adopt high quality door seal with strong anti-aging ability to increase the service life of the door
Each chamber is individually temperature controlled
Body tray multi row rolling wheel
Digital display
Wide voltage band, suitable for 187 ~ 242V


Model MCFR-3000
Capacity (Qty) 3
Dimension (W×D×H) Corpse tray (mm) 1900×570×395L×W×H
External (mm) 2480×810×1800
Electricity Voltage/frequencyV/Hz) 220/60
Compressor consumption (W) 1050
Temperture Preset(℃) 1~5
Lowest(℃) 0.6
Compressor (Qty) 3
Optional 24 hours tracking printing system;
Alarm High temperature alarm.Low temperature alarm.Sensors failure alarm.Door-opening alarm.Power failure alarm.Low back-up battery alarm.Low voltage alarm
Net Weight (Kg) 370

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