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Differential Blood Cell Counter, DBC-10I

  1. Maximum count categories: 10 groups
  2. Count range per group: 0-99
  3. Suitable for clinical examination of blood cells in small and medium hospitals

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The blood cell classification counter is a ten-group two-digit decimal counting instrument controlled by a microcomputer that integrates counting, statistics and display.

  • The blood cell classification counter counts with ten membrane switch buttons, and can display ten groups of data and totals at the same time.
  • Press the “%” key, the instrument can display the integer digit of the percentage of each group of data, and press it again to display the decimal digit of the percentage of each group of data (the indicator light is on at this time).
  • The counts were accurate and reliable, in line with the results of clinical blood routine tests, and preliminarily suggested to distinguish bacterial infection or viral infection.
  • The instrument is beautiful in appearance, reasonable in structure, clear in data and easy to use, especially suitable for clinical examination of blood cells in small and medium hospitals.


Model  DBC-10I
Maximum count categories  10 groups
Count range per group  0-99
Total count range  0-990
Conditions of use  Relative humidity: ≤90%; Temperature:  15℃~45℃
Power supply  AC220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz
Power consumption 4W
Dimensions 220×160×78(mm)
Package size Length: 290mm; Width: 190mm; Height: 140mm
Net weight 0.6kg
Gross weight 0.8kg


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