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Double-layer Glass Reactor, GR-D5L

  • Kettle capacity: 5L
  • High borosilicate glass and polytetrafluoroethylene materials
  • Fuse safety protection
  • Electronic stepless speed regulation

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The machine has electric constant speed mixing system, condensation and dropping system. It need to be equipped with vacuum device, high-temperature or low-temperature circulation device and other system devices.


  • High borosilicate glass (expansion coefficient 3.3) and polytetrafluoroethylene materials are used for the parts in contact with materials, which has stable performance, is not easy to react with materials, and is convenient and safe to use.
  • The base plate type main body is made of aluminum alloy + stainless steel, which is efficient, stable, beautiful and durable.
  • Glass + Teflon discharge valve, no effusion side discharge, and the recovery of solution is very fast.
  • Electronic stepless speed regulation, which can digitally display the speed through fine-tuning of twist, with stable performance and convenient use.
  • The mixing system adopts double bearing and double skeleton oil seal, which has high temperature resistance, wear resistance and good sealing effect.
  • Vacuum pressure gauge displays real-time vacuum and pointer display.
  • Crescent stirring paddle, 304 stainless steel + polytetrafluoroethylene stirring blade; The mixing rod is made of 304 stainless steel and wrapped with Teflon pipe, with high strength and strong corrosion resistance.
  • Fuse safety protection to ensure the safe operation of the circuit.


Model GR-D5L
Kettle capacity 5L  Inner diameter 180mm

outer diameter 230mm

inner length 270mm

Mezzanine capacity About 800ml
Voltage frequency 220V/50Hz
Mixing motor power 90W
Stirring speed 0-1100rpm/min
Kettle body temperature range -80℃~+250℃
Temperature measurement accuracy ±1℃
Vacuum degree 0.098Mpa


Kettle cover

Φ 205mm

Five port


Mixing port Φ 50mm Flange port
Condensing port 29# Standard port
Constant pressure funnel port 29# Standard port
Decompression port 24# Standard port
Temperature measuring port 24# Standard port
Stirring paddle Φ10×600H(mm)  Blade length125mm
Condenser Φ60mm×450H(mm)

Upper 24# standard port and lower 29# standard plug

Constant pressure funnel 500ml The upper 24# standard port is equipped with a glass plug and the lower 29# standard plug
Pressure relief valve 24# standard plug valve Outer diameter of vent nozzle 10mm
Temperature measuring port 24# standard plug glass thermometer
Mezzanine inlet and outlet circulation Φ 35 flange port supporting flange plate、outer diameter of adapter pagoda joint15mm
Discharge port Φ18mm Discharge port

Inclined discharge nozzleΦ12mm

Off the ground350mm

Vacuum pumping head 24#Glass suction head  Outer diameter of nozzle10mm
Inlet and outlet circulating nozzle of condensing coil External diameter 10mm
Dimensions(W*D*H) 330×410×1480mm
Net weight 28Kg
Package size 1360*530*490mm  Wooden box 0.36m³
Packing weight 51.5Kg

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