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Friability Tester, FRAT-2

  • Number of cylinder: 2
  • Loop Number Range: 100 turns
  • Rotating speed:   25 times/min
  • Rotating accuracy:  ±1 time /min

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Friability tester is used to test the physical properties of non-coated tablets in mechanical stability, abrasion resistance collision resistance and so on in the process of production, packaging and storage; it can also test the friable condition of tablet coating and capsules.

Main features:

①  Single path and double cylinder, synchronous operation and automatic stop.

②  LCD for the instrument, displaying the preset value and real-time value through time division.

③  The number of turns and rotating speed adopt the standard of Pharmacopeia, dispensing with modification, which enables the operation to be simple and convenient.


  Number of cylinder 2
  Rotating speed   25 times/min
  Rotating accuracy  ±1 time /min
  Counting mode  100 turns, countdown is adopted.
  Inner diameter of cylinder  286mm
  Cylinder depth  39mm
  Sliding height  156mm
  Power supply  220V50Hz
  Total power  20W
  Overall dimensions  L*W*H(370mm *300mm *340mm)

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