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Gloss Meter, GLOM-C380, GLOM-C300

  1. Measuring angle: GLOM-C300: 60°; GLOM-C380:20°,60°,85°
  2. Measuring spot(mm):20°:10*10;60°:9*15;85°:5*38
  3. Measuring area:20°:0-2000GU;60°:0-1000GU;85°:0-160GU
  4. Division value:0.1GU

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Gloss meter is mainly used for the measurement of material and surface gloss in spraying, plastic, printing, metal, ceramics, building materials, leather, paint and other industries.

High precision & Accurate test
Adopts Japanese sensors and American high-end chips to ensure accurate testing.

High stability and performance
Adopts dual optical path patented technology to achieve excellent stability of 0.2GU.
Each gloss meter has gone through:
412 calibration and calibration tests;
43,200 stability tests;
110 hours accelerated aging test;
17,000 vibration tests.
Humanized design & Easy to use
The shell has excellent UV resistance, antibacterial and anti-allergic properties, and is more suitable for the skin of the hand.
The classic smooth shape and comfortable grip are perfectly matched to fit the palm of your hand just right, making it not only handy but also addictive.

Large electric quantity&Long battery life
With 3080mAh large capacity rechargeable lithium battery.
Make full use of every inch of space in the slim body, tailor-made advanced 4.4V high-density lithium battery, to achieve both a slim body and a large power;
It can measure 54,300 times continuously, so that you have no worries about power and work.


Model GLOM-C380 GLOM-C300
Measuring angle 20°,60°,85° 60°
Measuring spot(mm) 20°:10*10



Measuring area 20°:0-2000GU



Division value 0.1GU
Measuring mode Simple mode, standard sample and test sample measurements
Repeatability 0-100GU:0.2GU


Measuring accuracy Conform with JJG696 first grade requirements of gloss meter
Measuring time <1s 0.5s
Data storage Can store 100 standard samples and 10,000 test samples
Language English
Dimensions (L*W*H) 165*51*77 mm
Weight About 400g
Battery power 3000mAh lithium battery
Interface USB
PC software Include
Operation temperature range 0-40℃
Humidity range < 85% RH, without condensation
Accessories 5V/2A charger, USB data cable, manual, CD,

calibration standard plate

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