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Graphite Furnace System, GRD-3202

  1. Heating steps: 9 steps
  2. Temperature range: 20℃~3000℃
  3. Slope heating time: 0~999s
  4. Gas pressure alarm, furnace overheated alarm
  5. High-power temperature heating function (1000℃~2700℃)

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GRD-3202 graphite furnace system is a system specially used for the quantitative analysis of trace elements in substances by graphite furnace atomic absorption method. It is an important optional accessory for AA320N atomic absorption spectrophotometer.


Model GRD-3202
Heating steps 9 steps
Temperature range (nominal Temperature) 20℃~3000℃
Slope heating time 0~999s
Heating holding time 1s~999s (the sum of both time should be less than 999 seconds)
Inert gas needed Argon, pressure of entry larger than 0.3Mpa
Cooling water Tap water or cycling water, flow rate no less than 2L/min
Output LCD
Power source 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz, 3A 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz, 30A
Power 5.1kW for 220V on about 2700℃
Ambient temperature +10℃~+30℃
Relative humidity Less than 85%
Instrument rating power 7.2kW
Gas pressure alarm, furnace overheated alarm
Interface with Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, autosampler and RS232
High-power temperature heating function (1000℃~2700℃)
Test sample together with atom absorption equipment. Cd ≤1×10-12g; Cu ≤1×10-10g

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