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High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, CFGR-B16B

  1. Max. Speed: 16500r/min
  2. Max. RCF: 21500×g
  3. Max.Capacity: 6×50ml
  4. Temperature Control Range: -20℃~40℃

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It is suitable for experiments in biology, medicine, agriculture and other fields, and is the first choice for genetic gene, protein nucleic acid PCR experiments.


1. Display: 5-inch high-definition touch screen, easy to operate and intuitive display;
2. Safety Protection: Automatically identify 7 different rotors to eliminate potential safety hazards caused by user misoperation;
3. Control: It has 9 files of acceleration and 10 files of deceleration level, which can effectively prevent secondary suspension and have a good centrifugal effect.
4. Scheme:15 groups of programs can be stored for users to use;
5. Performance: AC variable frequency motor, high speed control precision, imported environmental protection compressor;
6. Safety:There are various protections such as overspeed, door protection, imbalance protection, etc. to ensure the safety of human and machine;
7. Convenience:Free switching of speed and RCF;
8. Particularity:Special air duct to ensure the rotor works under normal temperature;
9. Speciality : Airtight rotor, effectively prevent aerosols.




Model CFGR-B16B
Max. Speed 16500r/min
Max. RCF 21500×g
Max.Capacity 6×50ml
Speed Accuracy ±20r/min
Time Setting 0~99h59min59s
Temperature Control Range -20℃~40℃
Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
Compressor Imported high-performance compressor unit, fluorine-free refrigerant
Electricity AC 220V 50Hz 15A
Dimensions(L*W*H) 650×350×370mm
Net Weight 50kg
Package Wooden Case
Package Size 740*420*520mm
Gross Weight 64kg

Suitable Rotors and Centrifual Tubes

Rotor NO. Max. Capacity Max.Speed Max. RCF Dimension of   Centrifugual Tube
No.1 Angle Rotor 12×2.2/1.5mL 16500r/min 18300×g Φ10×42
No.2 Angle Rotor 24×2.2/1.5mL 14000r/min 18756×g Φ10×42
No.3 Angle Rotor 48×0.5ml 12000r/min 13900×g Φ8×32
No.4 Angle Rotor 30×2.2/1.5mL 14000r/min 13900×g
No.5 Angle Rotor 12×5ml 12000r/min 10100×g Φ13×53
No.6 Angle Rotor 6×50mL 13000r/min 15300×g Φ29×105
No.7 Angle Rotor 6×8×0.2mL PCR strips 13000r/min 16240×g

Accessories & Package

Accessories & Package 



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