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Rotary Microtome, RMT-M260

  1. Maximum Specimen Size: 60×70mm(optional clamp)
  2. Section Thickness Setting Range: 0- 60μm
  3. Vertical Specimen Stroke: 60mm
  4. Horizontal Specimen Feed: 29mm

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  1. Streamlined housing facilitates the cleaning process without opening the housing, Also can put some consumables
  2. Uses imported cross-roller guide rails and a screw motion mechanism to ensure precision
  3. Advanced high-precision micro-drive feed system
  4. Hand-wheel can be locked at any position
  5. Cassette holder can be locked at any position along each of the three axes
  6. The precise positioning system provides accurate X- and Y- axis adjustment
  7. Easy and fast switching between two specimen clamps (paraffin block clamp and cassette clamp);
  8. The red bar on the blade holder covers the whole length of blade
  9. The blade holder can be laterally moved and adjusted, without manually move the blade, enabling use of the full length of the blade (slicing at three different segments);
  10. Hand-wheel balance is precisely adjusted and can be locked at any position
  11. Magnetically fixed large waste tray is easy to install and uninstall


Model RMT-M260
Section Thickness Setting Range  0–60μm
Section thickness setting options 2–10μm increment 1μm
10–20μm increment 2μm
20–60μm increment 5μm
Trimming Thickness Setting Range  0- 60μm
Minimum Setting of Sectioning Thickness  1μm
Total Horizontal Specimen Feed  29mm
Vertical Specimen Stroke  60mm
Movement Range of the Base of Blade Holder Base  0-60mm (front to back)
Movement Range of the Blade Press plate  0-23mm
Specimen Holder Rotation  at any angle within360 degrees
Maximum Specimen Size  60×70mm(optional clamp)
Specimen Orientation  XY – 8°
Precision Error  ±1%
Dimensions  570×440×290mm (W×D×H)
Net weight  28kg

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