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Liquid Chromatograph, HPLC-3100

  1. Detector: Diode Array Detector, UV-VIS Detector
  2. Pump flow range: 0.001~10.000 ml/min
  3. Inject volume range: 0~100 µL
  4. Oven temp. range: Ambient + 5 ℃~85℃

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3100 HPLC System is the higher and more reliable quality product with sample analysis.

  1. Classic short stroke, serial, and multi-stage flow correction ensuring pump performance.
  2. Concave surface holographic grating and intelligent power supply for deuterium lamp steadily improving detector functioning.
  3. Self-developed  PID control measure bringing true the accuracy of column oven temperature to 0.1℃.
  4. The brand-new S3100 autosampler is capable of greatly improving instrument automaticity and matching with a variety of HPLC systems.
  5. Application of optoelectronic isolation and EMI protection ensuring stable communication.
  6. All round upgraded Chromsoft workstation that is operator-friendly and promotes customer experience.

System Configuration

  • Isocratic system
  • High-pressure binary gradient system
  • Quaternary low-pressure gradient system
  • ELITE-AAK/AAPamino acid analytical  system
Isocratic Systems Configurations Binary High Pressure Gradient Systems Configurations Quaternary Low Pressure Gradient Systems Configurations
Description Quantity Description Quantity Description Quantity
HPLC-3000FP  High Pressure Constant Flow Pump 1 ea HPLC-3000FP High Pressure Constant Flow Pump 2 ea HPLC-P3100  Quaternary Low Pressure Constant Flow Pump 1 ea
HPLC-3000DT  UV/VIS Detector 1 ea HPLC-3000DT  UV/VIS Detector 1 ea HPLC-3000DT UV/VIS Detector 1 ea
HPLC-3000SL Auto-Samper (alternative) 1 ea HPLC-3000SL  Auto-Samper (alternative) 1 ea HPLC-3000SL Auto-Samper (alternative) 1 ea
HPLC-3000DAD  Diode Array Detector(DAD)(alternative) 1 ea HPLC-3000DAD Diode Array Detector(DAD)(alternative) 1 ea HPLC-3000DAD Diode Array Detector(DAD)(alternative) 1 ea
HPLC-7725SI Sample Injector 1 ea Rheodyne 7725I Sample Injector 1 ea HPLC-7725SISample Injector 1 ea
HPLC-3000CO Column Oven (alternative) 1 ea HPLC-15GM Gradient Mixer 1 ea LU3100 Quaternary Low Pressure Unit 1 ea
BEH HPLC Column 1 ea HPLC-3000CO Column Oven (alternative) 1 ea HPLC-3000CO Column Oven (alternative) 1 ea
HPLC-5100 WS Workstation 1 set BEH HPLC Column 1 ea BEH HPLC Column 1 ea
HPLC-M3100  System Manager 1 ea HPLC-5100 WS Workstation 1 set HPLC-5100 WS Workstation 1 set
/ / HPLC-M3100  System Manager 1 ea HPLC-M3100  System Manager (include Quaternary Degasser) 1 ea


HPLC-3000FP High Pressure Constant Flow Pump

HPLC-3000FP  high-pressure constant flow pump is based on years of experience in the research and production as a high performance pump for HPLC system.

Flow Range 0.001~10.000 ml/min(step 0.001 ml/min)
Accuracy ≤ ±0.2%
Precision ≤0.06% RSD
Pressure Range 0-45 MPa
Power AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz/80 W
Dimensions/Weight 420×300×175 mm (Length × Width × Height)/12 kg

HPLC-3000SL Auto-Samper (alternative)

The S3100 auto-sampler is driven by high-precision stepper motor, which makes it easy and reliable. It can realize unattended automatic analysis, which can reduce the error and improve the efficiency. S3100 is can also be used with other instruments through independent software.

Inject volume range 0~100 µL
Number of vials 120
Precision <0.3% RSD(Full – loop)

<0.5% RSD(partial loop-fill)

<1.0% RSD(µL-pick-up)

Power AC220 V±10%, 50Hz/30 W
Dimensions/Weight 540×400×300 mm (Length × Width × Height) /23 kg

HPLC-3000CO column oven

O3100 column oven is based on the research and production of ZW1201/230II column oven. It is a high performance column oven for HPLC system. It can be used alone as a temperature control tool.

Temperature range Ambient + 5 ℃~85 ℃
Accuracy ±0.3 ℃
Precision ≤0.1 ℃
Power AC220 V±10%,50 Hz/130 W
Dimensions /Weight 420×300×120 mm (Length × Width × Height)/7 kg

HPLC-3000DT  UV/VIS Detector

HPLC-3000DT  UV-Vis detector is a single light source detector of deuterium lamp, mainly used in UV region. UV3100 series detector has four work modes: single wavelength, double wavelength, wavelength-time program and spectrum scanning.

  • UV3100 single wavelength detector
  • UV3110 double wavelength detector
Wavelength Range 190nm-700nm Noise ≤±0.5×10-5AU
≤±0.5×10-5AU(Dual Wavelength)
Precision ≤0.1nm Drift ≤1×10-4AU/h
Accuracy ≤±1.0nm Minimum Detectable Concentration 4.0×10-9g/ml
(Naphthalene in methanol solution)
Optical Bandwidth 8nm Scanning spectrogram Yes
Rise Time 0.0-4.9s Time-wavelength program Yes
Linear ≥2.0AU(5%) / /

HPLC-3000DAD Diode Array Detector

HPLC-3000DAD diode-array detector has advanced optical system differing from single wavelength UV-Vis detector. Light from lamp is focused first, and then passes through the cell. After part absorption, the light passes through a narrow slit to the grating, where it is diffracted into full wave band spectrum. At the photodiode array, measurement of the light occurs. The detector provides chromatograms at any wavelength, as well as spectra at any time. In this way, users obtain 3D spectrum.

Linear ≥2.0 AU
Wavelength Range 190~800 nm
Noise ≤±1.0×10-5 AU
Drift ≤2.0×10-4 AU/h
Power AC220 V±10%, 50 Hz/180 W
Dimensions/Weight 500×300×175 mm (Length × Width × Height) /18 kg


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