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Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, CFGR-B550J/ 550J

  • Max. speed/RCF: 5500 rpm/5400×g
  • Max. capacity: 4×250 mL, 4×750 mL
  • Temperature Setting: -20 ~ 40℃

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  1. Universal centrifuge with selectable options (optional fixed-angle rotor, swing-bucket rotor, microplate rotor).
  2. Silent operation.
  3. Microprocessor controlled centrifuge with variable speed and time setting.
  4. LCD display for easy setting and readability across multiple parameters (rotor model, temperature, time, RCF and RPM).
  5. Soft touch keypad for parameters setting, special key for RCF.
  6. Brush-less AC motor for maintenance free and long service life.
  7. Double lids and double locks, lid locking and holding during rotor run for safe operation.
  8. User programmable-user can save and run up to 20 user-defined programs.
  9. Adjustable ramp & brake speeds (up to 15 speed selection).
  10. Count down at set RPM & one touch short spin operation.
  11. Automatic imbalance detection with audible alarm & over speed protection.
  12. User can set parameters when centrifuge is in operation (not program).
  13. The shortest acceleration/braking time less than 30s.
  14. Pre-cooling function, quick cooling makes rotor chamber attains 4°C from ambient temperature in 10 minutes.
  15. Stand-by function maintains the constant temperature.
  16. Danfoss compressor.


Centrifuge Centrifuge

                    CFGR-B550J                                      CFGR-550J

Model CFGR-B550J CFGR-550J
Max. speed 5500 rpm
Max. RCF 5400×g
Max. capacity 4×250 mL 4×750 mL
Speed accuracy ±10 rpm
Noise ≦60 dB ≦65 dB
Timer 1s~999min, continuous operation, one touch short spin operation
Temperature range -20℃-40℃
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
No. 1: Swing out rotor 4×250 mL, 4500 rpm, 3781×g 4×750 mL, 4200 rpm, 3648×g
Adapter1: Bucket 4×250 mL, 4×100 mL, 12×50 mL, 40×10 mL, 56×5 mL (Blood collection tubes),15ml*20(conical) 4×500 mL, 4×250 mL, 8×100 mL (conical), 12×100 mL (round bottom), 20×50 mL (conical), 28×50 mL (round bottom), 56×15 mL/20 mL (conical), 76×15 mL, 96×5 mL (Blood collection tubes), 148×5 mL (RIA)
Adapter2: Bucket / 96×5 mL
No. 2: Swing out rotor 8×100 mL, 4200 rpm, 3715xg /
Adapter 8×100 mL, 8×50 mL, 32×10 mL/15 mL/5 mL /
No. 3: Adapter / 148×5 mL, 4200 rpm, 3648xg
No. 4: Fixed angle rotor 6×50 mL, 5500rpm, 5400xg
No. 5: Microplates 2×2×96, 5000 rpm, 3530xg
Power supply AC220V / 50Hz
Weight 65 kg 89 kg
Dimensions (W×D×H) 450mmx575mmx520mm 600mmx790mmx890mm


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