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-150℃ Cryogenic Freezer, ULF150-H130

  1. Capacity(L):128L
  2. Temperature range(℃)-150°C~-40°C
  3. Advanced Cooling System:High performance compressor, reasonable refrigeration layout, more stable refrigerant, faster cooling
  4. Stable and high precise temperature control:Accuracy up to 0.1℃; Can run smoothly at the lowest temperature for a long time
  5. Convenient after-sales service: 2 years warranty

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The cryogenic freezers are designed for low-temperature experiments, such as low-temperature preservation of chemical reagents, biological products, biological samples, etc.

Safety of Cryogenic Freezer
1. Malfunction alarms including high and low temperature, power failure, sensor error, clean-filter, and condenser clean, abnormal voltage, low battery thermostat failure.
2. Capable of producing two types of alarm outputs, audible buzzer and visible flashing light.
3. Door open feature standard and USB port for temperature date downloading standard on upright models.
4. Remote alarm contacts.

Installation and application
1. 380v / 50HZ electrical design, stable power supply, rapid cooling, rapid cooling in 6 hours.
2. Suitable for 10°C to 30°Cambient temperature.

Field Proven Reliability for Cryo Freezer
1. 7 inches touch screen to display current temp, history temp, all alarm records and data.
2. Standard with USB port to download alarm and temp data.
3. Non-flammable HC refrigerant to guarantee users’ safety.
4. Emergency stop to protect operator.

Key Design Features of Cryogenic Freezer
1. Microprocessor-controlled system designed for controlled rage of -150℃ to -40℃ cabinet space with 1°C increment.
2. Settable high temperature and low temperature alarms.
3. Optional temperature recorder, storage racks and storage box.

Cryo Freezer With Energy Saving
1. Unique door seal design for the minimum loss of cold temperature during a door opening.
2. 200 mm thickness without CFC insulation to minimize cabinet heat gain and to improve temperature stability


  Model ULF150-H130
Specifications Shelf/drawer QTY /
Cooling Direct Cooling
Defrost Manual
Refrigerant Mixed-gas
Power Consumption(kWh/24h) 44.5
Noise(db) 50
Ambient temperature(℃) 10~30℃
Temperature range(℃) -40℃~-150℃
Cooling system Compressor brand/QTY TECUMSEH/1
Sensor PT100
Temperature controller Microprocessor
Display LCD display
Power Voltage/frequency(V/Hz) 380V/50HZ
Power(W) 2550W
Current(A) 4.6
Material Inside material Stainless steel
Outside material Color sprayed steel
Insulation PURF
Size Capacity(L/cu.ft) 128L/4.5
NW./GW.(kg) 245kg/340kg
Exterior size(W×D×H)(mm) 1560×957×1178
Interior size(W×D×H)(mm) 500*450*578
Package size(W×D×H)(mm) 1637×970×1383
CBM 2.05631755
20GP/40GP/40HQ 6/14/14
Alarm  High/low temperature Y
Power failure /
Abnormal voltage Y
Sensor error Y
Filter screen check   Y
Thermostat failure Y
Low battery /
Condenser clean Y
High ambient temperature Y
Door ajar /
Optional Castor Y
Inside door /
Test hole QTY/diameter 1/25MM
USB port Y
Temperature recorder Y
Data logger /
Power failure backup system(alarm) /
Remote alarm port Y
CO2 back up system /
LN2 back up system /


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