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Muffle Furnace, Box-type, FNC-BX1200-16L

  1. Light weight, fast temperature rise
  2. Modular structure of control system
  3. Integrated structure, using the ” full door” patent design

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Muffle furnace is a general-purpose heating equipment with energy-saving performance: light weight, fast heating, energy saving of more than 50%, saving time and effort; the control system adopts a modular structure, the design life of key components of the furnace is long, and the product manufacturing process is simple and reliable.

Energy-saving performance: light weight, fast temperature rise, more than 50 % energy saving, time saving and labor saving
Control features: modular structure of control system, long life design of key parts of furnace, simple and reliable of product manufacturing process, good stability and high precision.
Integrated structure, using the ” full door” patent design.
Furnace body configuration list: one furnace body ( including integrated controller ), one sensor, three meters wire, one set of certificate of warranty card in instruction manual and three sets of standby insurance.
Consumables: furnace wire, sensor, safety tube


Basic parameters
Model FNC-BX1200-16L
Max.temperature 1200 ℃
Temperature stability ±1 ℃
Heating speed 0℃/min ~30 ℃/min
Furnace material Alumina ceramic fiber material is adopted, which has high heating speed and energy saving
Furnace dimension (W*D*H) 250 * 400 *160 mm(16L)
Heating control performance
Electricity 380V
Heating power 8 kW ( empty furnace absorbing power is about 30 % )


Heating material Electric furnace wire

Note: three – side heating, located on the left, right and top of furnace

Control mode Thyristor control, PID parameter self-tuning function, manual /automatic non-interference switching function,over-temperature alarm function, programmable 30 sections, temperature rise curve can be set freely, and the instrument has temperature compensation function
Display accuracy ±1 ℃
Flushing temperature value 1 ℃~ 3 ℃
Sensor type S type
Display window Measure temperature, set temperature Screen display, and heat power light column display.


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