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Oscillator, General-Purpose, SHK Series

  • Speed range: 50-2000RPM; 30-300RPM; 30-600RPM
  • Speed accuracy : ±10RPM; ±1RPM
  • Amplitude of rocking plate: 2mm; 20mm; 25mm; 120mm


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General-Purpose Oscillator General-Purpose Oscillator General-Purpose Oscillator

SHK-O0102                            SHK-O0220III                           SHK-O0725

General-Purpose Oscillator General-Purpose OscillatorGeneral-Purpose Oscillator

          SHK-L0725                            SHK-OL0725                           SHK-1212


Product model SHK-O0102 SHK-O0220III SHK-O0725 SHK-L0725 SHK-OL0725 SHK-1212
Control mode P. I. D (Microcomputer scans the micro-processing chip)
Display mode LED LCD
Circulation mode Natural convection
Oscillation mode Gyratory Repeated Gyratory/rep eated
Drive mode Balance drive by single shaft
Ambient temperature requirement /℃ 15-35
Curve programing settings Programing settings of repetition, steps and eight-section curves
Safety functions Monitoring  timer,  stand-alone  over-speed  audio/light  alarm, stand-alone leakage or over-current protector
Additional functions Automatic running, automatic stop, timing running, clock display, startup after power again, parameter memory, speed storage
Speed range /r/min 50-2000 30-300 30-600
Speed accuracy /r/min ±10 ±1
Amplitude of rocking plate /mm 2 20 25 120
Timing range /min 0-60 0-999.59
Size of rocking plate /mm 320*300 550*400
Number of rocking plates 1
Maximum configuration 50Ml
centrifugal tube*24
250ml*9 250ml*12, 500ml*15 or 250ml*24 12 bits
Net weight /kg 20 16 40 40
Overall dimensions /mm 300*240*250 395*300*200 550*480*280 272*452*320/Main unit
Power /kW 40 60 80 80
Power supply AC 200∽240V 50∽60Hz
Material of outer box High-quality  nodular  cast iron,  channel  steel,  angle steel,  medium  plates  and cold rolled steel sheets High-quality nodular cast iron, channel steel, angle steel, medium plates and cold rolled steel sheets Box made of ABS special engineering plastics Stainless steel main unit, high-quality aluminum arms, cast iron frame

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