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PCR Workstation, LCB-VII Series

  • HEPA H14 filter
  • large screen LCD display
  • Filter number: 2-8
  • The fan speed can be adjusted by itself

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PCR Workstation

PCR Workstation PCR Workstation

                   LCB-V800II                                        LCB-V1000II                                      LCB-V1300II

PCR Workstation PCR Workstation

               LCB-V1600II                                     LCB-V1800II

The working principle is that indoor air enters the cabinet from the top through the HEPA H14 filter and exits the cabinet from the operating hole to prevent the operator from contaminating the test sample.Product advantages
1, The number display timer, large screen LCD display, customers can set the sterilization time according to their own needs.
2, Large LCD screen online display surface wind speed, wind speed is too high or too low alarm reminder.
3. The fan speed can be adjusted by itself. As the HEPA filter increases with the use time, the pressure loss will become larger. To ensure the safe surface speed, the CPU monitors the surface wind speed too high or too low to adjust itself and achieve the safe value.


Product model Internal size (mm) External size (mm) Filter number Air volume(m³/h) Surface wind speed (m/s) Noise(dba)
LCB-V800II 786*560*760 800*620*1050~1350 2 240 0.4-0.6 ≤50
LCB-V1000II 986*560*760 1000*620*1050-~1350 2 240 0.4-0.6 ≤50
LCB-V1300II 1286*690*760 1300*790*1080~1502 4 480 0.4-0.6 ≤54
LCB-V1600II 1586*690*760 1600*790*1080-1502 6 720 0.4-0.6 ≤57
LCB-V1800II 1786*690*760 1800*790*1080-1502 8 960 0.4-0.6 ≤57

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