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Photosynthetically Active Radiometer; PARR-TA

  1. Measuring range: 0~2700μmol-2s-1 (400-700nm)
  2. Linearity: full range ±1%
  3. Resolution: ±1μmol-2s-1
  4. Record time interval: 5 s-90 hr continuously adjustable.

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Product Description

In plant growth and development process, the radiation factor plays an important role.

  1. First of all radiation is the energy of plant photosynthesis, the process of photosynthesis influence the formation of production and product quality.
  2. Secondly, as a regulation of the energy, it will play an important role to the development of plants morphology, leaves shape and size as well as from vegetative growth to reproductive growth rate changes.
  3. Photons meter mainly used for agriculture, forestry and other research and production departments for PAR radiation measurement. Its characteristics are the spectral response simulation probe photosynthetic function effectively, digital show, portable compact,  with good accuracy and stability.


  1. Large LCD display, touch key, smart and portable, easy to operate.
  2. One-button switch, can record both manually and automatically.
  3. Can connect with computer to upload, process, backup datum.
  4. Both AC and DC available, 8.4v 1500mA battery, with charging protection, Low voltage protection. Suitable for field detecting as well.
  5. With powerful data storage function with flash storage, can store the latest 30,000 records,  and also standard configured 4G SD card
  6. Datum saved in machine won’t lose when power off.
  7. Computer software has powerful data processing functions.
  8. With 32 channels, test at the same time, probes are unlimited in the range of capacity.
  9. Sampling interval time of each sensor can be set separately.
  10. Low power consumption.


Measuring range 0~2700μmol-2s-1(400-700nm)
Linearity full range ±1%
Resolution ±1μmol-2s-1
Stability the change is less than ±2% full year
Record capacity flash storage your latest 30,000 records, with 4G SD card
Record time interval 5 s-90 hr continuously adjustable.
Sensor communication RS485
Power DC 8.4v 1500mA


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