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Safety Shower And Eye Wash, EEWS-321

  1. Pipe diameter: 42 mm
  2. Nominal pressure: 1.0 Mpa
  3. Working pressure: 0.2~0.4 Mpa
  4. Testing pressure: 1.5 Mpa
  5. Temperature requirement on working environment: 0°C~40°C

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Combination eye wash stations combine a shower and an eye wash in a single unit. The shower provides a full body washdown to prevent injury after being exposed to hazardous materials. The eye wash flushes irritants from eyes to treat and prevent eye injuries. These stations are used in labs, chemical plants, paper mills, and other environments where there are potentially harmful chemicals or materials. They allow fast emergency access when installed near areas where harmful chemicals or materials are being handled.


Model EEWS-321
Material Stainless Steel common and ABS
Surface finishing glossy epoxy coated
Usage drenching body and rinsing faces / eyes can be operated separately or simultaneously
Shower & eye wash switch SS304 ball valve
Shower head and eye wash bowl ABS, diameter 250 mm
Pipe diameter 42 mm
Nominal pressure 1.0 Mpa
Working pressure 0.2~0.4 Mpa
Testing pressure 1.5 Mpa
Temperature requirement on working environment 0°C~40°C
Flow rate of body shower ≥76 L/min
Flow rate of eye/face wash ≥11.4 L/min
Flow rate of eye wash ≥1.5 L/min
Dust cover integrated with the spray head ( not connected by chain )
Inlet thread Rp 1”,female
Outlet thread Rp1″,female
Inlet height ( from above the floor ) 1500 mm
Outlet height ( from above the floor ) 130 mm
Distance between spray heads 170 mm
Water pattern coverage at the height of 1524 mm above floor, the water pattern covers a circular area of at least 510 mm in diameter

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