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Shaker, Rocker Type, Single-Layer Bottle, SHK-O Series

  1. Display mode: LCD (large liquid crystal screen)
  2. Speed range: 30-300rpm; 30-250rpm
  3. Speed accuracy: ±1rpm

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1. Intelligent acoustic-optic alarm environment scanning micro-processing controller.

2. Original single-axis balanced drive technology, ultra-low mute.

3. The large LCD back lit LCD display shows the set parameters and measured parameters.

4. The operating parameters are encrypted and locked to avoid human misoperation.

5. Run parameter memory function to avoid tedious operation.

6. Frequency conversion motor design, low vibration, low noise, high efficiency, wide speed regulation, maintenance-free, energy-saving, and long-lasting operation.

7. Over-temperature sound and light alarm function, the motor overheating, temperature out of control, and abnormal over-temperature instruments automatically cut off their respective power supplies.

8. With a power-off recovery function, the device can automatically resume operation according to the original set program after the external power supply suddenly loses power and then comes back on again.

9. The circuit for controlling acceleration ensures that the oscillator starts slowly, accelerates steadily, and ensures the safety of experimental samples.

10. The key components are made of high-quality cast iron and ductile iron, which are durable and stable.

11. One-time forming finishing technology ensures the stability and reliability of mechanical operation.

12. The streamlined luxury machine shape with extremely aesthetic design concept, electrostatic color spray box body, large screen tempered glass window.


Product model SHK-O1250 SHK-O1750 SHK-OD1750 SHK-L1725 SHK-O3050 SHK-OD3050 SHK-L3025
Control mode P. I. D (Microcomputer scans the micro-processing chip)
Display mode LCD (large liquid crystal screen)
Circulation mode Natural convection
Oscillation mode Gyratory Repeated Gyratory Repeated
Drive mode Balance drive by single shaft
Ambient temperature requirement/ ℃ 15-35
Curve programing settings Programing settings of repetition, steps and eight-section curves
Safety functions Automatic running, automatic stop, timing running, clock display, startup after power again, parameter memory, speed storage
Additional functions Monitoring timer, stand-alone over-speed audio/light alarm, stand-alone leakage or over-current protector
Speed range  r/min 30-300 30-250 30-300 30-250 30-300
Speed accuracy r/min ±1
Amplitude of rocking plate     /mm 50 50 100 25 50 100 25
Timing range  /min 0-999.59
Size of rocking plate /mm 680*500 840*620 1108*740
Number of rocking plates 1
Net weight   / kg 60 200 250 200 250 280 250
Overall dimensions mm 680*615*300 900*650*480 900*650*480
Power       /w 80 150 280
Power supply AC 200-240V 50-60Hz
Material of outer box High-quality nodular cast iron, channel steel, angle steel, medium plates and
cold rolled steel sheets


Product model SHK-O1250 SHK-O1750 SHK-OD1750 SHK-L1725 SHK-O3050 SHK-OD3050 SHK-L3025
Specifications The number of rocking plates in single configuration is highest
Erlenmeyer flask 250ml 30 54 54 54 96 96 96
500ml 24 35 35 35 60 60 60
1000ml 15 24 24 24 40 40 40
5000ml 4 6 6 6 12 12 12

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