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Sieve Shaker, TS-200

  1. Diameter of the sieve that can be placed: Ø200、Ø100、Ø75mm
  2. Sieve size: 0.025~3mm
  3. Any powder and liquid can be sieved
  4. Full function and simpler operation

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Function and principle:
This series of inspection screens use vibration motors as vibration sources. The vibration of the vibrating motor drives the base of the sieve to vibrate, and then it is transmitted to the standard test sieve placed on the base through the base, so that the material particles smaller than the screen surface of the test sieve are screened into the lower test sieve.In this way, only materials with the same particle size are left in each layer of test screen, so as to achieve the separation of different particle sizes and determine the particle size composition of this material. It allows the material in the inspection sieve to be efficiently screened, classified and filtered.

1) High efficiency, compact and durable design, any powder and liquid can be sieved;
2) Small size, not occupying space, and easy to move;
3) The sieve machine can be placed up to eight layers of test sieves (including bottom sieves), which can precisely separate a granular material into 2~7 particle segments at the same time;
4) It can be automatically shut down at regular intervals;
5) Ensure the repeatability of the experiment;
6) Full function and simpler operation;
7) Low noise and light weight;
8) Platform operation, no need to fix;

It is widely used in scientific research institutions, laboratories, test laboratories and production control in food, medicine, chemical industry, abrasive, pigment, mining, metallurgy, geology, ceramics, national defense and other industries. It can be used for inspection, screening, grading, particle size analysis, and foreign matter content analysis of solid, powder, slurry and other materials.


NO. Name Qty. Unit
1 Diameter of the sieve that can be placed Ø200、Ø100、Ø75 MM
2 Sieve size 0.025~3 MM
3  Power of motor 0.125 KW
4 Noise <50 DB
5 Amplitude 0~3 MM
6 Vibration frequency 1440 times/min
7 External dimensions 400*300*300mm+N*50 L*W*H
8 Packaging Size 470*380*600mm L*W*H
9 Power supply 220V   50HZ V; HZ
10 Net/ Gross Weight 32/ 38 KG


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