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Tablet Hardness Tester, THDT-2

  • Hardness test range: 2-200N  0.2KG-20KGF【Srnsors equipped with 500N(50KGf) 】
  • Resolution: 0.1N  0.01Kg
  • Hardness measurement accuracy: range:±0.5%
  • Tablet measurement diameter: 2-40mm

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Tablet hardness tester is used to measure the crushing hardness of tablets.


①  High-precision pressure sensor ensures the precision and reproducibility of test.

②  High-definition LCD is adopted, the display contents are rich; users can enjoy intelligent operations according to the screen tips, Chinese character hint and quantitative index are provided for each operational process.

③ Optional for measuring mode: Manual single tablet/automatic continuation.

④ The system can realize automatic tablet compressing, automatic display, automatic latching, automatic reset, automatic cycle test, automatic linear error correction and automatic fault diagnosis.

⑤ For the automatic and continuous tests, provide the function of inquiring the previous test results, which is convenient for data recording.

⑥ Automatic calculation of tablet return travel can compress your test duty time.

⑦ One-key conversion of measuring unit (Newton-Kilogram)

⑧  Convenient and efficient measurement of tablet diameter.


Hardness test range 2-200N  0.2KG-20KGF【Srnsors equipped with 500N(50KGf) 】
Resolution 0.1N  0.01Kg
Hardness measurement accuracy range ±0.5%
Tablet measurement diameter 2-40mm
Repeated measurement error ±1%
Measuring unit Newton (N) Kilogram force(Kgf) (1Kgf=9.81N)
Overall dimensionsL*W*H 400mm*240mm*140mm

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