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Touch Screen Sealing Printing Machine, TMS-AP105

  1. Sealing speed: 10±0.5 m/min
  2. Sealing margin: 0~35 mm adjustable
  3. Sealing pattern width: 12 mm

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Main features

1.5-inch color LCD touch screen, graphical operation interface, Chinese and English display and print switching, keyboard input control, built-in clock and parameters can be set and it has automatic storage function;
2.With positive sequence (descending sequence) sealing counter; It can realize the statistics of sealing quantity within 0 ~ 9999; It has special functions such as printing margin, printing interval symbol and so on.
3.With rapid heating and auxiliary cooling design: It equipped with a microcomputer-controlled heating and cooling mechanism to reduce the waiting time for the sealing temperature to quickly change from low to high or from high to low; It is efficient and energy-saving, and meets the working needs of fast-paced temperature conversion;
4.Computer intelligent temperature control design; working temperature: 60~220℃ arbitrarily set; temperature control accuracy is less than ±1%; Preset four common temperatures: 60℃, 120℃, 180℃, 220℃; It can realize fast switching according to the daily needs of users, which is convenient for users to quickly select the sealing temperature;
5.When the sealing temperature exceeds the working temperature setting range of ±4℃, the machine will automatically stop working, effectively ensuring the quality of the sealing and the safe operation of the equipment;
6.Floating constant pressure pressing structure design is adopted to meet the sealing needs of three-dimensional bags and paper bags of different thicknesses;
7.Automatic fault alarm indication can realize automatic detection of working process, and various faults can automatically alarm or prompt;
8.The standby time and standby temperature are adjustable, and the intelligent standby recovery function can make the machine return to the working temperature at a high speed, reducing the waiting time;
9.Advanced flat-plate ceramic heating components have the characteristics of fast temperature rise, uniform heating, high temperature resistance, long life and high thermal efficiency;
10.The equipment has its own operation identification function, which can realize the printing of test time, sealing temperature, pressure, speed, sealing time, equipment number, etc. in Chinese and English;
11.Optional stainless steel special sealing machine workstation with paper cutter, roller conveying platform and other peripheral configurations.

Functions of printing system
With Chinese and English dual operating systems, it can be switched at will. In the Chinese operating state, the printing of Chinese characters and symbols can be realized, and in the English operating


Sealing speed 10±0.5 m/min
Sealing margin 0~35 mm adjustable
Working temperature 60~220℃ adjustable
Temperature control accuracy ≤ ±1%
AC power supply 220V±10% 50Hz
Sealing pattern width 12 mm
Maximum current 3.2A
Fuse 5A×2
Work rate 500 W
Dimensions 560×260×220mm


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