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Muffle Furnace,Box-type, FNC-BX-R Series

  1. Furnace material: Ceramic fiber (aluminum silicate fiber)
  2. Designed temperature: 1200℃;1700℃
  3. Operating temperature: 1100℃;1600℃
  4. Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
  5. Heating rate /min: 40℃ /min
  6. Thermocouple index number: K / K;B / K

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Box-type resistance furnace, also known as muffle furnace or Mafu furnace, is a basic heating equipment in the laboratory. And it is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, aviation, aerospace systems, research institutes, universities and other experimental laboratories. What is more, it is an essential instrument for material sintering, melting, heat treatment, volatilization, etc.

Product Feature
The new generation of box-type resistance furnace is the result of our company’s design and manufacturing experience in many years, with stable and reliable performance, and it has a number of patents.
Integrated design with a large furnace door: a resistance furnace with modern beautiful appearance.
Design of the furnace door structure: adopt inner and outer dual-door structure; the inner door keeps certain hovering pressure to ensure the high temperature and heat inside the furnace will not leak outside, and the outer door is the carrier of the inner door and has the function of protection and decoration.
Automatic power off (when the furnace door opens) protection system: when the furnace door is opened, the “protection switch”
will start automatically and the main circuit (heating element) stops the power supply, which can effectively protect the safety of operators.
When the furnace door is closed, the “protection switch” will automatically close, and the main circuit will automatically recover its supply power.

Operating system
1.They adopt 5-inch color touch screen, and the information display is detailed, easy to understand and operate.
2.The input method of recipe program is tabular fast input method with clear logic, fast speed and not easy to go wrong 0-40 sections of program can be arbitrarily selected and set.
3.Dual-mode of single point heating and curve heating that can be arbitrarily selected. 4.Intelligent P, I, D self-adjustment with high precision, reliability and stability.
5.Segmented power supply and restart function to avoid power failure preventing potential risks.
1.Microcomputer program controls the temperature, time, heating speed and other programs, and conducts various sintering tests at an extremely fast speed.
2.Programmable controller, can preset 7 groups of 63 steps, 9 steps in each group, and the setting time of each group is 0~5999 minutes.
3.With multi-segment programmable control to truly realize automatic control and operation.


Model name FNC-BX1200-2R FNC-BX1200-7R FNC-BX1200-12R FNC-BX1700-5R
Working size and volume W*D*H 120*200*80/2L 200*300*120 /7.2L 200*300*200/12L 150*250*150/5.6L
Furnace material Ceramic fiber (aluminum silicate fiber)
Designed temperature 1200℃ 1700℃
Operating temperature 1100℃ 1600℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Heating rate /min 40℃ /min
Thermocouple index number K / K B / K
Operating system 5.5-inch color touch screen with Chinese-English conversion
Control mode Dual-mode of 1-40 sections of the curve (program) heating / single point heating
Recipe management 9 groups
Timed shutdown 1 – 999 minutes for any setting
Working voltage AC220V/50Hz AC220V/50HZ
Heating power 2.5KW 4KW 5KW 5KW
Boundary dimension W*D*H 390*590*640 520*680*660mm 520*680*730mm 620*590*900mm


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