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Ultrasonic Wound Debridement Device, UDM-1200V&UDM-1200B

  • Safe & painless debridement
  • Efficient & Complete debridement
  • High bacterial removal rate
  • Intelligent &user friendly design

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The ultrasonic wound debridement device is a medical equipment which is developed for complicated wound debridement by using ultrasonic cavitation effect and mechanical effect of high frequency vibration.


  • Safe & painless debridement

The device has independent liquid medicine pipeline which can be replaced quickly to meet the continuous use of the host machine, and avoid cross infection as well.

  • Efficient debridement

The debridement fluid is radiated into fog under ultrasound, the utilization of debridement fluid is increased, the debridement area becomes wider, and the debridement time is shorten.

  • Complete debridement

During debridement, suitable ultrasonic treatment hand pieces can be replaced for different wounds according to actual situation, so the wound positions, which cannot be reached by normal debridement instrument, can be debrided completely by adjusting the location of debridement hand piece.

  • Healing promoting

The device can improve the wound environment, promote the effect of drug treatment, activate the fiber cells, promote the synthesis of fibrin layer, and enhance the wound healing ability.

  • High bacterial removal rate

The bacteria, fungi and viruses adhered on the wound can be removed and destroyed by using ultrasound, the rate of sterilization is more than 96%.

  • Intelligent &user friendly design

The device has independent and adjustable vacuum 6 drainage system and pulsating flushing system, a high-type dividable main machine which can be moved conveniently or used independently, touch screen interface control, friendly human computer interaction interface, and simple operation. The hand piece is light and small, and the operation is convenient and flexible, which can greatly reduce the workload of medical staff.


Model UDM-1200V UDM-1200B
Function Ultrasonic debridement, pulse flushing Ultrasonic debridement
Power <300VA
Electricity AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Ultrasonic frequency 20KHz~40KHz
Ultrasonic power <100W
Sound emission <60dBA
Pulsatile flush volume <1200mL/min ——

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