After the strict comprehensive evaluation and certification of Bioevopeak Co., Ltd. by the China Business Integrity Evaluation Center, our company has been successfully assessed as an AAA credit enterprise recently, which is also a symbol of the highest credit rating of the enterprise.

The corporate credit rating certificate is the most valuable corporate credit certificate. It has the widest application range and the greatest social influence, and has become the most indispensable certification project in the field of corporate credit certification.

This smooth assessment fully demonstrates that Bioevopeak keeps the contract and promise. It is a strong evidence of Bioevopeak’s high-quality credit. Whether it is enterprise qualification or product quality, it shows that Bioevopeak is an honest and reliable medical device R&D and production company and is trustworthy.

In the future, Bioevopeak will continue the business philosophy of honesty, customer-centered, product-based,and provide customers with better services.