In November 2021, Bioevopeak Co., Ltd. welcomes the good news again, and some products have obtained CE certification! After rigorous product testing and auditing in the early stage, 5 products including PCR Analyzer, Kjeldahl Protein, Microwave Digestion System, Hematology Analyzer, and Total Organic Carbon Analyzer successfully obtained the EU CE certificate on November 25, 2021.

The “CE” mark is a safety certification mark, regarded as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market, and is a compulsory certification mark. The acquisition of the CE certificate means that the PCR Analyzer, Kjeldahl Protein and other products produced by our company have met the requirements of relevant EU regulations, and meet the strict standards of EU countries in terms of product performance and safety indicators. It is a product with high international standards. ,high quality product.

Possessing the CE certificate also signifies that the PCR Analyzer, Kjeldahl Protein and other products produced by our company have obtained the permit to enter the EU market smoothly, so as to realize the free circulation of products within the EU member states. The development of instruments and other products in overseas markets has laid a solid foundation.

The acquisition of the EU CE certificate is the result of the joint efforts of the entire team of the company. Thanks for the support of the R&D, production, and registration teams that participated in the CE certification. Thanks for the attention and recognition of the company’s products by the certification body and all walks of life.

As a leading innovative enterprise in the industry, Bioevopeak has always adhered to independent research and development and innovation, continuously accumulating industry experience, and providing advanced, efficient and high-quality laboratory products.

Since its establishment, Bioevopeak has been adhering to the mission vision of “making the laboratory smarter, more accurate, safer and more convenient”, and actively contributes to the improvement of the global laboratory intelligence, precision, safety and convenience. . In the future, we hope Bioevopeak can work with partners from various countries to build a more comprehensive service platform and provide more high-quality laboratory products!

PCR Analyzer 4
Kjeldahl Protein 2
Microwave Digestion System 3
Hematology Analyzer 1
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer 5