After a month of active preparations and unremitting efforts, Bioevopeak recently successfully applied for the ISO9001 quality management system certificate.

The ISO9001 quality management system is one of the international standards formulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This standard can help organize the implementation and effective operation of the quality management system. It is a general requirement and guide for the quality management system. Various industries have gradually transformed the ISO9000 series of standards into industry standards.

Bioevopeak’s successful application for the ISO9001 certificate shows that our company focuses on improving product quality, strictly controlling all links that may produce substandard products, and continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system. At the same time, both the previous corporate credit certification and the ISO handling this time reflect Bioevopeak’s customer-centric business philosophy. Through the operation of the various processes in the system, we can meet and even exceed customer requirements, continuously improve the company’s position in the hearts of customers, and enhance customer confidence.

Obtaining the quality system certification marks that Bioevopeak has obtained a stepping stone to enter the international market. We believe that with the support of more and more certifications, Bioevopeak will continue to move forward to provide customers with better products and services!

ISO 9001