• Professional refrigerator to store blood, as well as medicines and bio products.
  • Suitable for blood banks, hospitals, CDCs.

Reliability and Key Features

  • Microprocessor controlled forced-air cooling with electrical heat compensation system.
  • Digital temperature display for upper and low sections in chamber with 0.1℃
  • Consistent cabinet temperature 2-6℃.
  • High-tech integrated sensors to display and control temperature.
  • Auto-defrost to remove moisture on cooling surface.
  • Large digital display for ease of observation.


  • Build-in backup battery to display temperature and to operate audible and visual alarm systems for up to 72 hours without ac power.
  • Equipped with a complete temperature alarm system featuring audible buzzer and visible flashing light.
  • Five alarm conditions: High/low temperature, power failure, voltage abnormal, door ajar, backup battery.
  • Standard with laser printer.
  • Standard with acrylic inner small door, for less affection on other room when one door open.

Ergonomic Design

  • Safety lock to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Storage space designed for easy sorting of a variety of blood products.
  • Caster design and interior light.