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Biological Safety Cabinets, BSC-IIA2-5J&BSC-IIB2-5J

  • High-quality SUS304 stainless steel or cold-rolled steel plate
  • Vertical laminar negative pressure model
  • Class II biological safety cabinet

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BSC series biological safety cabinets are biological safety isolation equipment used in biological safety laboratories or other laboratories to protect personnel, tested samples and the environment. It can meet the operation of pathogenic body with risk level of 1, 2 and 3.


High-Quality&Ergonomic Construction

  • The box body is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel or cold-rolled steel plate, which is easy to clean;
  • The exhaust air is filtered by a high-efficiency filter to protect the environment from pollution;


  • Class II biological safety cabinet;
  • Vertical laminar negative pressure model, return air 30%/100% filtration discharge;

High security

  • Negative pressure design ensures the safety of operators;
  • Integrated sliding safety door positioning, easy to operate;
  • Equipped with filter blocking alarm, blower overload alarm, working window opening limit alarm system;


Cleanliness level ISO level 5 (Level 100)
Filter level / filter efficiency HEPA/ULPA ≥99.995~99.999% @0.3μm
Average flow rate of downdraft(m/s) 0.25~0.40
Average flow rate of inflow air(m/s) ≥0.5
Sound emission (dBA) ≤67
Vibration peak(μm) ≤5
Electricity AC single-phase  220V/50Hz
Air balance biological protection Personnel protection:

a.The total number of colonies in the impact sampler:≤10CFU/time

b.Total colony count of the slot sampler:≤5CFU/time

Product protection1-8CFU/ml(repeat 3times,5min/time)

total number of colonies:≤5CFU/time

Cross contamination protection 1-8CFU/ml(repeat 3times,5min/time) total number of colonies:≤5CFU/time
Max power(KV·A) ≤1.5(Spare socket included)
Weight(Kg) 300/310
Working zone area


External dimension


Fluorescent lamp 40W*2pcs
UV lamp 40W*1pc
Illumination (Lux) 650
Supply and exhaust pipe diameter(mm) Φ250 Φ250
Wind direction Top out Top in,top out


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