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Cassette Autoclave, STC-2000

  1. Sterilization Volume: 1.8L
  2. The whole sterilization process is about 6 minutes
  3. Temperature range: 135 ° C- 138° C
  4. Maximum Operating Pressure: 242 kPa

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  • The sterilization effect is reliable, rapid. The whole process of non-wrapped sterilization time is 6 minutes, suitable for stomatology, ophthalmology and other departments of small instruments.
  • Equipment size: 57 CM*41.5 CM*17 CM; sterilization chamber size: 28 CM*18 CM* 3.8 cm; Sterilization box size (outside) : 39 CM *19.6 CM *4 CM.
  • It is easy to operate, the system operation is displayed on the screen; Sterilization procedures can be safely interrupted at any time.
  • With self-detection system, if a problem occurs in the process of operation, the system will automatically stop and the defective code will be displayed on the screen.
  • It is suitable for sterilization of instruments containing cavity and solid instruments, and it can be non-wrapped sterilization.
cassette autoclave mask
  • Easy to operate
  • The system operation is displayed on the screen
  • Sterilization procedures can be safely interrupted at any time
cassette autoclave printer
  • Standard printer
  • Real-time record for sterilization process
Ultra-thin cassette box
  • Ultra-thin cassette box design makes heating and cooling faster
  • 0.22μm Biofilter
Sterilization Chart

Shorter cycle time, higher efficiency

  • A. Air removal
  • B. Warming up
  • C. Pressurizing
  • D. Sterilizing
  • E. Venting



Maximum Operating Pressure 242 kPa Input Power ≤1.3 kVA
Operating Pressure Range 42 kPa ~ 212kPa Atmospheric Pressure Range 70.0 kPa to 106.0 kPa
Maximum Operating Temperature 138° C Ambient Temperature Range + 5 ° C ~ + 40 ° C
Operating Temperature Range 115 ° C – 135 ° C Steam Generator Power 1.2 kVA ± 5%
Display accuracy 0.1℃ Fuse F8AL250V phi 5 x 20 mm
Sterilization Volume About 1.8 Liters Safety Valve Setting Pressure 0.25 MPa
Tank Volume 3.4 Liters Equipment Working Medium Water Vapor
Water Ultra-pure water, deionized water, laboratory water. Working Relative Humidity ≤85%
Power Supply Voltage AC 220 V±22 V Normal Use Place Work room
Power Frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Hz Run Mode Run Intermittently (≤6 cycles/hour)


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