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COD Analyzer, COD-Y1001

  1. Measurement range: 5-10000mg/L
  2. Measurement time: 15-20min
  3. Indication error: ≤8%
  4. Repeatability: ≤±5%
  5. Optical stability: ≤0.001A/10min

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COD analyzer is used to measure a variety of water routine parameters, such as COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, turbidity, suspended heavy metal ions, etc., and the measurement results are more accurate.

1. The 7-inch color touch screen is used with intuitive GUI graphic navigation, which conforms to the user’s operating habits and is convenient for users to get started.
2. It can measure a variety of conventional water parameters, the concentration can be read directly, and the measurement results are more accurate.
3. It has a large-capacity storage function, built-in 5 manufacturer curves, 195 expansion curves, and can store more than 5,000 experimental data, which is convenient for users to view freely.
4. The unique high-precision filter system makes the instrument more stable and the measurement accuracy is higher.
5. Built-in thermal printer, which can print current data and store data, save experimental space for users.
6. Using cold light source, narrow-band interference technology, the life of the light source is up to 10W hours.
7. With the new ARM9 chip, the instrument response is more sensitive, and the capacity can reach 500M memory.
8. Support USB storage, convenient for users to store data.
9. Support users to build their own curves according to different measurement requirements, and the segmentation coefficient K can be adjusted according to measurement requirements.
10. It can be used with Lab-yy prefabricated reagents, the experimental steps are greatly reduced, the measurement is easier, and the data is more accurate.


Model COD-Y1001
Test item COD (Chemical oxygen demand)
Measurement range 5-10000mg/L (segmented)
Test method Fast digestion spectrophotometry
Indication error ≤8%
Repeatability ≤±5%
Optical stability ≤0.001A/10min
Light source life 100,000 hours
Measurement time 15-20min
Number of curves 200
Data storage >5000
Colorimetric method Cuvette / colorimetric tube
Display 7-inch color touch screen
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Data communication USB interface, RS-232 serial port
Ambient temperature 5~40℃
Ambient humidity Relative humidity ≤85 (non-condensing)
Electricity  AC220V±10%/50Hz
Rated power 70W
Shipping dimension(L*W*H) 520*450*300mm
Product dimension(L*W*H) 450*470*370mm
N.W./G.W. 6.5/7.5kg


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